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All Programs are 100% ORGANIC



Organo-Lawn was founded in 1997 to help people with pets and children have a beautiful lawn without using dangerous chemicals.  Now 20 years later not only can people have a beautiful lawn without any chemicals, but many of our customers have switched to 100% organic lawn care because an organic lawn with Organo-Lawn will produce a better looking lawn than any chemical can produce. 


Organo-Lawn is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and services the northern Front Range cities. Organo-Lawn is locally owned and operated by Brad Wolfe.  As of 2017 Organo-Lawn’s lawn care programs are 100% organic and chemical free.


When Organo-Lawn first opened its doors in 1997 we only serviced the cities of Boulder, Erie, Longmont, Louisville, Superior, and Niwot. As more people became educated about how effective organic lawn care products from Organo-Lawn work the demand for environmentally friendly lawn care grew quickly. 


Soon other cites demanded organic weed control services and Organo-Lawn expanded and began servicing Frederick, Firestone, Lyons, and Mead.  In 2003 Organo-Lawn started providing organic lawn and tree care services for the Northern Front Range cites of Fort Collins (Ft Collins), Loveland, and the nearby towns of Berthoud, Laporte, Wellington, and Windsor.  


In 2009 many pet owners and concerned parents of the suburbs of North Denver including the cities of Arvada, Broomfield, Golden, and Westminster convinced Organo-Lawn to expand its service area. Organo-Lawn is proud to provide cat, dog, pet, people, child and environmentally friendly lawn care to its organically minded customers.


Many customers that own dogs, cats, other pets, have children and those who care about the environment are proud of Organo-Lawn and its earth-friendly and dangerous pesticide free organic lawn care practices. 


Even though we are not allowed to use the word safe or child safe according to the Colorado Department of Agriculture, we are proud to offer 100% organic, non-toxic, edible, and 100% chemical-free, child-friendly organic lawn care services.


If you are looking for a pet friendly, child approved, 100% organic lawn care company that believes in sustaining the earth than Organo-Lawn is the lawn care company for you.  


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Service Locations: Arvada, Berthoud, Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Firestone, Fort Collins (Ft Collins), Frederick, Golden, Lafayette, Laporte, Longmont, Louisville, Loveland, Lyons, Mead, Niwot, Superior, Wellington, Westminster, and Windsor, Colorado.