Professional Lawn & Tree Care Services of Boulder and Fort Collins

  • Office hours for our Organic Lawn Service Companies in Boulder and Fort Collins are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. If you cannot reach us right away, leave a message and we will call you back that same day or within 1 business day.
  • Our professional lawn care technicians take the extra time to blow off your sidewalk and patios, keeping your property neat and tidy.
  • We are organized. If you schedule a lawn care or tree care application for the 5th of April we will do the work on the 5th of April (weather permitting)
  • Our office will provide a courtesy reminder email two days before any lawn or tree care application is performed to remind you of any important information regarding your lawn or tree care service for your Boulder or Fort Collins area lawn.
  • We spend a lot of time training our professional lawn care technicians and office staff so they will be able to answer your lawn and tree care questions by phone or at your home. If they cannot answer a specific lawn or tree care question for you we can schedule an appointment for a manager to evaluate the problem.
  • We are proud to tell you exactly what is in our lawn and tree care products and we have provided online links to labels, MSDS and when available toxicology reports on our products for your reading.
  • We strive to conserve and recycle scarce resources like water, paper, energy, and your time. Water can be a scarce and precious resource in Colorado and we always recommend conservation on your Boulder and Fort Collins area lawn.
  • Our employees are friendly and helpful, and we have state licensed lawn and tree care professionals that take pride in providing high quality work.
  • If you have a lawn or tree care question about your Boulder or Fort Collins area lawn that we cannot answer immediately we will research the correct answer and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Our slow release organic fertilizers only need to be applied 4-5 times per season and they also build the organic matter and stimulate beneficial microbial activity in your soil.

Organic Lawn Service Companies

We Guarantee Our Work

Organo-Lawn is the only lawn service company committed to providing the highest quality lawn and tree care services at all times. If at any time the quality of our service is not up to your expectations contact us and we will return and rectify the problem. We can fix almost any lawn care problem as long as the lawn is being mowed tall and watered properly and will be glad to answer any questions about our products or local lawn care services. if there are concerns please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the problem in a timely manner.

View Organo-Lawn's Better Business Bureau Rating - BBB A+ Rating in Boulder and Fort Collins Areas.

Organic Lawn Service Companies - Boulder

Brad Wolfe, Owner

"I was born and raised in Ft. Collins, Colorado. I first came to Boulder in 1995 to attend school at the University of Colorado in Boulder. In the fall of 1999, I graduated from the school of business with a degree in Marketing and an emphasis in entrepreneurship. I founded Organo-Lawn in September of 1997 and worked by myself for the majority of the 1998 season. With the help of many horticultural professionals I became a licensed pesticide applicator and qualified supervisor in the State of Colorado.

"The reason I started Organo-Lawn was so I could ski during the weekends and travel during the winter months. As Organo-Lawn grew and the business got larger my lifestyle changed, but my organic and sustainable philosophy didn’t. I remember listening to my grandma and grandpa tell me how they used to pick the dandelions from their lawn in the spring and put them in their salads for food. My brain has always been very logical and it didn’t make sense to me that we now are using dangerous lawn care chemicals on the same lawns that our kids and pets play on. Lawn and tree care care should not be unhealthy for the the environment. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why we want a nice lawn, The good news is we can provide a service to make your lawn and trees healthy, green and with very few weeds without the use of dangerous lawn chemicals. It makes me feel good that so many people with pets and kids love our 100% organic lawn care products."

Rick Jancaterino, Field Manager

Rick has been in the lawn and tree care business since he was a baby. His father owned a tree care business in Connecticut and Rick knew more about trees before he was 10 than most people know about tree care in their entire life. He moved to Boulder, Colorado because he loves the mountains and he started working at Organo-Lawn in 2012. Rick’s strong work ethic and good nature around customers helped him move up the ranks quickly. In 2014 Rick was named the branch manager of Organo-Lawn and has been an integral part in developing Organo-Lawn’s winter tree trimming program. Rick received his arborist’s license in 2017 from the State of Colorado for tree care. Rick is a resident of Longmont, Colorado and enjoys helping the people of the Boulder and Fort Collins areas with all their lawn and tree care questions.

Amy Greene, Office Manager

Before joining Organo-Lawn, Amy worked as a foreman for a small lawn care company owned by her mom. When Amy moved away, her passion for gardening and all things green, combined with a passion for animals and the environment, led her to seek out a position with a company who had the same ideals. Amy has been with Organo-Lawn since 2011 and enjoys helping customers with their organic lawn and tree care needs. One of Amy’s favorite things about working for Organo-Lawn is the pet friendly atmosphere and being able to bring her dog to work. Eli is her favorite furry partner in crime and he makes sure to bark at everybody that comes into the office. He is the official fun policeman of Organo-Lawn.

Organo-Lawn provides local lawn care services and tree care services for the following Colorado cities:

  • Arvada, CO
  • Broomfield, CO
  • Fort Collins, CO
  • Lafayette, CO
  • Loveland, CO
  • Niwot, CO
  • Westminster, CO
  • Berthoud, CO
  • Erie, CO
  • Frederick, CO
  • Longmont, CO
  • Lyons, CO
  • Superior, CO
  • Windsor, CO
  • Boulder, CO
  • Firestone, CO
  • Golden, CO
  • Louisville, CO
  • Mead, CO
  • Wellington, CO

Call (303) 499-2000 (Boulder Area), (970) 225-9425 (Ft. Collins area) or email us for more information.

Organic Lawn Service Companies - Arvada CO

Organo-Lawn is a professional lawn service company and tree care company that believes in using environmentally, people and pet friendly lawn care services. As you can see many of our employees not only have dogs but they sometimes bring their dogs to work.