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Arvada, CO offers many great family activities including the Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities and the Majestic View Nature Center. It also offers small town charm with Olde Town, home to breweries, restaurants, and shopping.

Organo-Lawn started offering lawn care services and tree care services in Arvada, CO during the year of 2010. Since then we have performed organic weed control services on over one thousand different customer’s lawns. We find that Arvada is one of the nicest communities in the Front Range of Colorado and we are proud to offer professional lawn care and expert tree care services for our friends in Arvada, CO.

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FAQ - Colorado Lawn Care

When should I seed a lawn in Colorado?

  • In Colorado, the highest germination percentage occurs between August 10th- September 1st. This is because the soil temperatures are ideal for seed germination and the nighttime temperatures are gradually getting cooler. If you would like to seed in spring, April 7th – May 31st is the ideal time for germination.
  • We have three services included in our top seeding package that will help with successful germination. First, we do a thorough lawn aeration, which gives the seeds a foundation to take root. Second, we apply Humate, a soil conditioner that help promote seed germination. Third, we apply Rain Maker, our water retention polymer, which helps sustain moisture in the ground for successful seed germination. Lastly, we apply one of our seed blends. Our Emerald III Turf-type Tall Fescue is considered to be the ideal grass type for Colorado.

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