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Boulder, CO has outstanding shopping, restaurants, and breweries. With 45,000 acres of designated space to hike, bike, mountain climb, kayak, or fish, Boulder is ideal for outdoor activities. It’s most notable for great nearby hiking at the Flatirons that overlook Boulder, and is the home of the University of Colorado. Boulder is a community that is committed to the environment, and we offer organic lawn care and tree care to the Boulder area with our own commitment to being green and using pet friendly lawn care products.

Boulder is the home of Organo-Lawn and we opened our doors for business in 1997. We started performing professional lawn care services in 1997 and we added professional tree care services in Boulder, CO starting in 2000. Since then we have performed natural weed control services on over ten thousand different Boulder customer’s lawns. Boulder, CO is one of the nicest communities in the Front Range of Colorado and we are happy to call Boulder our home. We enjoy providing expert lawn care and tree care services for the environmentally conscious people of Boulder, CO.

Professional Lawn Care Service - Lyons, CO

Lyons is the host of the Rocky Grass and Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, where the North St. Vrain Creek travels through the festival grounds. Lyons has many restaurants, bars and coffeehouses. For adventure-seekers there is mountain biking at Hall Ranch, rock climbing at Button Rock, or kayaking in Meadow Park. You can hike around Rabbit Mountain, or take a drive up the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway and enjoy the Rocky Mountain scenery. We offer organic lawn care and tree care services in Lyons, CO.

Lawn Care Services Boulder

FAQ - Colorado Tree Care

Do I need to fertilize my trees in Colorado?

  • Colorado is a difficult environment for the health of a tree and all trees will benefit from deep root tree fertilization. The must-do trees are fall color trees such as Ashes, Birches, Maples, and Oaks, as well any tree under stressful conditions such as heat or drought stress, extreme cold, nutrient deprivation, and/or biotic stress such as insect pressure. Young trees that have not established their root system into the soil. Or trees living in clay or dead soils.
  • In the spring the trees use the nutrients to support healthy growth and in the fall the trees use the nutrients in the organic tree fertilizer to develop and strengthen their root system. Our 100% organic tree fertilizer is a slow release so we are able to fertilize newly transplanted trees and strongly recommend tree fertilization for trees that are less than 4 years from transplant. Our organic fertilizers are safe and won't damage the tree's roots even for a tree that has been transplanted with 3 months.