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Erie has a population of about 23,000 and is growing fast. Historic downtown Erie has great restaurants and fun events year round; including the Arbor Day and Earth Day celebration, Boo! on Briggs Street, and Country Christmas & Parade of Lights. We offer Erie lawn care services as well as expert tree care services.

Erie, CO is a very fast growing community that Organo-Lawn has been providing lawn care services in since 1997. Since then we have performed thousands of pet-friendly organic weed control services on many different customer’s lawns. Erie, CO is one of the friendliest communities in the Front Range of Colorado and we always enjoy the people of Erie, CO. We truly enjoy providing professional lawn care and tree care services for the good-hearted people of Erie, CO.
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FAQ - Colorado Lawn Care

When is the best time to aerate a lawn in Colorado?

  • Because of the high clay content of Colorado soils we recommend spring and/or fall, depending on when you had an lawn aeration done last year. Spring aeration will alleviate compaction in the soil and stimulate air movement for the summer months. Fall lawn aeration allows winter moisture into the root zone of the lawn and reduces winter desiccation. Both spring and fall aeration will allow vital nutrients, air, and water to penetrate the soil.
  • We recommend doing both spring and fall aeration if you have a very compacted lawn or a lawn that has a lot of foot traffic, either children playing or animals on the lawn.
  • We recommend a double aeration for those with a severely compacted lawn or if you are planning to seed soon after the aeration.

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