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Fort Collins houses some of the best breweries, and is one of the biggest hubs for Colorado’s craft breweries. Fort Collins is also one of 21 communities that is a Certified Colorado Creative District. It's also a gateway city to the Rocky Mountain National Park. So whether you are interested in nightlife, art, or the outdoors Fort Collins has something to offer you. Organo-Lawn is proud to be a part of keeping the community green, and we offer organic lawn care in Fort Collins, as well as expert tree care services.

Fort Collins, CO is a dog friendly community that Organo-Lawn has been providing lawn care services in since 2001. Since then we have performed thousands of pet-friendly organic weed control services on many different customer’s lawns. Fort Collins is one of the friendliest communities in the Front Range of Colorado and we always enjoy the environmentally aware people of Fort Collins. We truly enjoy providing professional lawn care services and expert tree care services for the kind people of Fort Collins.

Professional Lawn Care Services - Wellington, CO

Wellington is a small community just north of Fort Collins; it holds several annual events, like the Christmas parade. It’s near many lakes and Roosevelt National Forest. Check out the 20-hole disc golf course! We offer professional lawn care and tree care services in Wellington.

Expert Lawn Care Services - Windsor, CO

The Windsor Lake offers many recreational activities including boating, paddle boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, a dog park, and a swim beach. There are also over 40 miles of trails throughout Windsor with both paved and natural trails. We are dedicated to making sure that Windsor stays green by offering 100% organic lawn care and tree care services.

Lawn Care Services Fort Collins

FAQ - Colorado Lawn Care

When are lawn mites most active in Colorado?

  • Typically spider mites/clover mites do damage between the months of December and March. Spider mites in a lawn are most active during the winter months during dry periods. Spider mites do not like moisture and they will avoid areas that have adequate moisture. Spider mite activity is typically not a major problem and can be easily stopped by hand watering the lawn during warm days in the winter.
  • In the Boulder and Fort Collins area lawn mites are usually found on the south facing sides of buildings, rock beds, sun exposed slopes and pine trees. The mites often take shelter in pine trees and buildings during cold and wet weather. Mites tend to do the most damage to grass on south facing slopes with the peak damage occurring during February and March. Typically the damage is not discovered until after the lawn begins to green-up in the spring.

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