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Golden is a historic town that is a gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. It offers activities for every speed and interest. You can visit Lookout Mountain to get a great view of the surrounding areas; if you’re feeling adventurous you can also tandem paraglide. In downtown Golden there is plenty of shopping and restaurants as well as the Coors Brewery where you can take a tour of the facility. Golden is also a short drive from both Golden Gate Canyon State Park and Red Rocks Amphitheatre for great shows. We offer our lawn care service and tree care services in Golden, CO.

Golden, CO is an outdoors minded community that Organo-Lawn has been providing lawn care services in since 2010. Since then we have performed thousands of environmentally friendly weed control services on customer’s lawns. Golden is one of the nicest communities in the Front Range of Colorado and we always enjoy the fun loving people. We truly enjoy providing professional lawn care services and expert tree care services for the welcoming people of Golden.

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FAQ - Colorado Lawn Care

How often do I need to apply a lawn fertilizer in Colorado?

  • Colorado State University recommends 4 application of a fertilizer at an application rate of .75 - 1 lb of nitrogen per application per year. So it depends on how many pounds of nitrogen are applied per application. To maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn we recommend 4-5 applications of slow release organic nitrogen. Exceptions may occur but this is the recommended rate.
  • We suggest using at 100% organic fertilizer that provides a slower release of nutrients that develops stronger tissue growth, deeper digging grass roots, and a deeper dark emerald green foliage in the lawn. Other benefits of organic fertilizers and healthy microorganism activity include the synergistic effects of naturally balancing soil pH; the boosting of potash and iron levels, increasing plant root density, reducing problematic lawn fungus activity, and fostering the decomposition of thatch.

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