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Lafayette has annual city events all year long so you’ll always have something local to keep you busy. It has great restaurants and breweries like The Post Brewing Company. Lafayette has bike paths, parks, open lands, and green spaces to preserve the natural atmosphere. Emerald Ash Borer has recently been found in Lafayette (August 2017), and we offer tree care services to both treat and prevent EAB from affecting the beautiful ash trees of Lafayette, CO. We also offer organic lawn care services for the pet friendly people of Lafayette, CO.

Lafayette is a wonderful community that Organo-Lawn has been providing organic lawn care services in since we opened in 1997. Since then we have performed thousands of natural weed control services on many different customer’s lawns. Lafayette, CO is one of the greenest communities in the Front Range of Colorado and we are happy to call Lafayette, CO a service location for Organo-Lawn. We enjoy providing expert lawn care and tree care services for the pet friendly people of Lafayette, CO.

Lawn Care Services Lafayette CO

FAQ - Colorado Lawn Care

What do you consider a native area in Colorado?

  • A native area is an area of native grasses that is not a turf grass lawn area. Is it usually not irrigated or fertilized and has native plants growing in it. Native areas are traditionally very healthy and viable without additional fertilizer applications.
  • We offer a product called Milestone which is a specialty weed control for native grass areas, rangeland, pasture, and meadow like areas. Milestone will control many different types of weeds including: Canada thistle, musk thistle, goatheads (immature), yellow mustard, alfalfa, knapweed, and many more invasive weeds. Native areas are very important to the ecosystem and this is one reason why Organo-Lawn is committed to using the most environmentally friendly and effective weed control products available.
  • We typically will do a spot treatment application to be able to reduce the herbicide use on your grass area. Milestone is very low toxic and is on the EPA's reduced risk list.

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