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With Louisville’s growing population it has a good mix of modern amenities and old town charm. Old town Louisville, CO offers many events year round, notably the Taste of Louisville and the Louisville Street Faire. Louisville has over 1,700 acres of open space to enjoy cycling, dog walking, and scenic views. Most notably the Davidson Mesa Open Space. Organo-Lawn provides lawn care services and expert tree care services for the beautiful small town of Louisville, CO.

Louisville, CO is one of the nicest communities and Organo-Lawn has been providing natural lawn care services in this quiet town since we opened for business in 1997. Since then we have been the only lawn care company fully committed to using natural weed killers for lawns. Organo-Lawn and Louisville, CO are committed to the environment and the people of this environmentally friendly town make it one of the greenest communities in the Front Range of Colorado. We are happy to call Louisville, CO a service location for Organo-Lawn. We enjoy providing professional lawn care services and expert tree care services for the beautiful people of Louisville, CO.

Expert Lawn Care Services - Superior, CO

Superior, CO is bordered by Boulder County Open Space so you don’t have to travel far for outdoor recreation. Superior, CO has all the modern and convenient amenities and great shopping. Being only 5 minutes from Boulder you get great views of the Flatirons. At approximately four square miles in area, Superior is home to 594 acres of parks, greenspace, open space and 27 miles of trails. We offer organic lawn care and tree care services in Superior, CO.

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FAQ - Colorado Lawn Care

How long does Rain Maker last in a Colorado soil?

  • Rain Maker lasts in the soil for 1-2 years. Over that time it will be broken down by microbial activity or it will move down in the soil to a lower spot and be less effective. The polymers have a “memory” which is the number of times they can absorb and release water before they cannot do this anymore. This memory tends to remain active for 1 to 2 years. We recommend applying it every year to see maximum effectiveness.
  • It takes 1-3 weeks for the small granules to work into the soil; therefore, your lawn will need normal watering for a short period of time. In a dry climate like ours in Colorado the annual moisture is not high enough to sustain a healthy lawn without the use of supplemental watering. Rain Maker can reduce your lawn's water requirement by up to 33%.

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