Email Policy

We use your email address for contact purposes only. We do not sell your e-mail address or give it away. We only use it for internal purposes.

Email Uses Include:

  1. We send you an email two days before your service with instructions on what to do before your lawn or tree treatment. You will receive important information in the email that helps you make your lawn look better and be healthier.
  2. The morning of the application date we email you with the time our applicator will arrive at your house.
  3. We send email alerts when we see a problem occurring on a majority of lawns. These may include insect outbreaks, disease outbreaks, proper watering techniques, etc. This allows us to help you be proactive in treating the lawn.
  4. If we add a new service or product to our arsenal we email our customers so you are the first to know.
  5. We send out reminders at the end of the season to set up for next season and this allows you to reserve the current pricing.
  6. You can also send us emails with questions or photos of lawn problems and we can get the issue addressed quicker and without having to send a technician to the lawn which saves gas and air pollution.
  7. By giving us your email you are helping save trees and keep our prices low by saving on postage and paper used for mailing information.

Remember we never give your email address to anyone else and we promise that we will never sell your email. We use your email address for communication of important information, also known as good purposes.

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