Full Season Programs - Organo-Lawn has been working with organic fertilizers and organic weed controls since 1997. It is very easy to achieve a beautiful, dark green, and virtually weed free lawn if the lawn is being mowed properly, the lawn is being watered deeply and infrequently, and the lawn is on one of our organic full season lawn care programs. .

Organo-Lawn Additional Lawn Services - Learn why core aeration, humate soil conditioners, sprinkler system audits, and top seeding packages may be a good addition to your full season lawn care program. These additional local lawn care services often make the difference between a nice looking lawn and a beautiful lawn.

Weed Controls - Organo-Lawn is the only local lawn care service in the Boulder and Fort Collins area that offers 100% organic weed controls that work as well as chemical weed controls. Organic weed control is now more effective than chemicals on controlling broadleaf weeds like dandelions, plantain and thistle.

Organo Lawn Specialty Products - Due to the very hot and dry summer months in the Boulder and Fort Collins area we strongly recommend adding Humate soil conditioners and Rain Maker to a lawn care program.

Tree Care - Boulder and Fort Collins Colorado are in a high plains desert. The Northern Front Range of Colorado only receives about 14 inches of natural precipitation per year and this is problematic for trees. Fortunately, Organo-Lawn is an expert in tree care in Colorado. Our licensed tree care technicians can help with deep root tree fertilization, insect control, treating chlorotic trees, and winter tree trimming.

Sprinkler Services - Organo-Lawn is the expert in lawn and tree care. One thing that many homeowners struggle with is how to properly program a sprinkler system so it will water the lawn and trees properly, but won't waste water. Organo-Lawn has developed the best method in lawn watering called the 1,2,3,2,1 lawn watering technique. Lawn care customers in Boulder and Fort Collins have seen amazing improvement in the health of their lawn and trees when using Organo-Lawn's lawn watering program. Organo-Lawn offers this information for free for the do-it-yourself homeowner and we also offer it as a service. Our sprinkler technicians perform hundreds of sprinkler audits and sprinkler blowouts every year for customers in and around Boulder and Fort Collins.

Organo-Lawn is a professional lawn and tree care service. Our lawn care experts are state licensed and trained in 100% organic and chemical free lawn care services. Organo-Lawn is proud to provide cat, dog, pet, people, baby, child and environmentally friendly lawn care services. Organo-Lawn specializes in Boulder and Fort Collins lawn care services for the organically or environmentally minded customers.

According to the laws of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Lawn care services in Colorado are not allowed to use the word “safe” or “child safe” to describe their lawn care products and services. The word safe cannot be used even if the products being used are 100% organic. Therefore, Organo-Lawn is very proud to offer 100% organic, non-toxic, edible, 100% chemical-free, child-friendly, and ecologically friendly lawn care services.