General Questions for Full Season Lawn Care Programs - FAQs

Q. Why should I choose a lawn care program with Organo-Lawn vs. an individual lawn care services?
A. When you choose a full season lawn care program you will be set up for organic weed control and fertilization for the entire season and you do not have to worry about calling in to set up the next one. If at any point throughout the season you have problems with the lawn, we will come out to evaluate what is causing the lawn to not be as healthy as it should be and we will make suggestions on how to fix the lawn problem. This service is free with a full season program and it is a $59.50 value.

Q. Are there any additional discounts with a lawn care program?
A. If you are signed up for the Ultimate Lawn Care Program, you will save 5% off all the services in that program as well as any additional lawn and tree care services you order. This is our Ultimate Lawn Care Program discount. Also, if you use a lawn care program for two consecutive seasons, you will receive a 5% discount on all scheduled services. This is our Customer Loyalty discount. Additionally, if you are on a full season program and prepay for the season, you will receive a 5% Prepay discount. Therefore, if you sign up for the Ultimate Program for two consecutive years and you pre-pay for the season you will receive a total of 15% off.

Q. If you sign up for the Gold Program is it important to upgrade to the Fall Synergy in place of the Organic fertilization?
A. With Synergy with corn gluten meal, the more that you use it the better the product works. In essence the more times you put in on the lawn the more weed seeds it will prevent from germinating properly. With the first use of Synergy with corn gluten meal, the weed control will stop up to 60% of new weed seeds from germinating and reproducing and if used on a regular basis over a 3 year period of time, you will see a 95% reduction in weed seed germination. Therefore, the more Synergy with corn gluten meal is applied the better it will work.

Q. What full season lawn care program is the best?
A. We recommend the Ultimate lawn care program. We recommend this program because it will give you the weed control and fertilization that your lawn needs throughout the entire season, plus it will give you our Ultimate discount: 5% off all our services including upgrades like lawn aeration, Rain Maker, Humate soil conditioner, etc.

Q. Is an aeration included in either the Ultimate or Gold lawn care program?
A. Services like core aeration, Rain Maker, Humate soil conditioner, Avenger weed control, top seeding packages, rock mulch spray, and deep root tree fertilization are considered additional services or upgrade services and are not included in a full season lawn care program, but can be added at your request.

Q. What lawn and tree care upgrades does Organo-Lawn recommend?
A. The most important lawn care service is a sprinkler audit. If the lawn is not being watered properly then it will not look healthy. Aeration is recommended for every lawn. Due to the high clay content in the soil around Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado we recommend lawn aeration at least once per year and twice per year for best results. If a lawn is thin, then a Top Seeding Package is recommended. If a lawn has a bindweed problem, then applications of Drive XLR8 are recommended. If you have trees on your property that are struggling, are newly planted, or if you just want your trees to remain healthy, Deep Root Tree Fertilization is recommended. Every property is different. A homeowner typically knows what problems they have with the lawn. If you need advice on upgrades please contact our office for assistance.

Q. How long does it take to turn a lawn from a bad lawn to a good lawn?
A. If the homeowner waters the lawn properly, mows the lawn properly, and the lawn is on a full season lawn care program, we can typically turn a bad lawn into a nice lawn in 1 year.

Q. Why doesn’t your lawn care program include bindweed control?
A. We strongly believe in only treating the weeds that are in the lawn. Not every lawn will have a bindweed problem, so we only treat the lawns for customers that want and need bindweed control.

Q. Why doesn’t your lawn care program include crabgrass control?
A. Crabgrass is an annual grass that will only grow in areas of the lawn that are thin due to poor sprinkler coverage or improper lawn watering. Not every lawn will get crabgrass, so we only treat the lawns that have a crabgrass problem. Typically if the sprinkler system is working properly crabgrass will not grow in the lawn.