ULTIMATE Organic Lawn Care Program FAQ

Ultimate Natural Lawn Care Program - FAQs

Q. What is included in the Ultimate lawn care program?
A. There are 5 lawn care applications total. 1x - Synergy with corn gluten meal as an 100% organic pre-emergent weed control (March or early April), 3x –One Earth Weed Control (generally May, Late June, and August) & 1x - Synergy with corn gluten meal (late September or October). The Ultimate One Earth lawn care program is 100% organic and will achieve a 60%-80% control rate on lawn weeds.

Q. Why is the Ultimate lawn care program better than individual lawn care services?

A. In having the Ultimate program, you will receive a 5% discount compared to individual lawn care services. This 5% discount will apply to any upgrade services that you sign up for. If you have problems throughout the season we will do a disease diagnosis for free. This is where we come out to take a look at the problem free of charge (a savings of $59.50). If you set up one application at a time you do not receive any these benefits.

Q. What is the difference between the Ultimate and Gold programs?
A. The Ultimate program includes five lawn care applications and the Gold program has four applications. The Ultimate lawn care program includes the organic pre-emergent weed control called Synergy twice per year. The Ultimate lawn care program starts with the Synergy in spring and fall while the Gold program does not..

Q. Is an aeration included in the Ultimate lawn care program?
A. Services like core aeration, Rain Maker, Humate, Avenger weed killer, top seeding packages, rock mulch spray, and deep root tree tree fertilization are considered additional services called upgrades and are not included in full season programs. We do recommend adding services like lawn aeration, sprinkler system audit, and humate soil conditioners as needed. Our full season programs are include organic fertilizer and organic weed controls.

Q. What lawn care service upgrades are most useful?
A. The two most useful lawn care service upgrades are core aeration and a sprinkler system audit. Due to very high clay content in the soil, lawn aeration is very important for areas in Longmont, Boulder, Fort Collins, Niwot, Loveland, basically all of Colorado. Sprinkler system audits are the most beneficial service we provide for the health of the lawn because most homeowners do not understand how to properly water a lawn in Colorado.

Q. How many weeks apart should the weed control and fertilizer applications be spaced apart?
A. The applications are typically scheduled about 6 to 8 weeks apart depending on the start date of the lawn care program.

Q. What happens if I have a problem with my lawn?
A. If at any point throughout the season you have problems with the lawn, we will come out to take a look free of charge if you are on a full season program (a $59.50 value).

Q. Does the Ultimate lawn care program include tree care?
A. The Ultimate program does not include tree care, but this is an additional service that you can add to your service list. We recommend fertilization of young trees, struggling trees, oaks, ashes, birches, and maples, and especially trees that are new transplants.

Q. How much does organic lawn care cost?
A. The cost of organic lawn care depends on the size of the lawn. The larger the lawn the more expensive the organic lawn care will cost. In general one should expect to pay about 15% more than chemical lawn care for small lawns and 25-30% more for larger lawns.

Q. Why is organic lawn care better?
A. Organic lawn care is better because it will stimulate beneficial microbial activity and build a living soil. Chemical lawn care will kill the microbial activity in the soil resulting in a dead soil. Therefore, organic lawn care will be slower to show short term results but it will have better long term results. As the soil is rebuilt from organic lawn care the grass will become a darker green, will use less water, and will have less diseases. The other main reason organic lawn care is better is because organic fertilizers and weed controls are non-toxic to people and pets.

Q. Can organic lawn care kill weeds?
A. Yes, organic lawn care can kill weeds. Corn gluten meal is an excellent pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer and if used annually it will prevent weed seeds from germinating up to 90% per application. For weeds that have already germinated we recommend using One Earth Weed Control which will kill weeds up to 90% per application without using any chemicals. Prior to the discovery of One Earth Weed Control it would take 2-4 years to eliminate weeds from a lawn using only organic products. After the discovery of One Earth Weed Control we can turn a badly weed infested lawn around in 1 year.