Spider Mite Control - FAQs

Q. What do spider mites look like?
A. Spider mites are very tiny insects that are virtually invisible to the naked eye but look like spiders under a microscope. They are typically red in color.

Q. How do I know if I have spider mites?
A. Go to a south facing area typically near a spruce or pine tree and brush some of the grass onto a white piece of paper. Stare at the dots on the paper and if they start to move you are most likely looking at mites.

Q. Is the mite spray safe?
A. This is an insecticidal soap that is about as potent as a typical household soap, but works well on soft bodied insects like mites.

Q. Why is there a yellow pesticide flag on my lawn?
A. We are legally required to post flags since we are claiming to control an insect, making this a pesticide.

Q. How is it applied?
A. As a liquid applied with a high volume spray tank.

Q. Can I do anything to help prevent mite damage?
A. Yes; water your lawn regularly in the winter. Mites do not like moist areas.

Q. How do I identify if I will be susceptible to mite damage?
A. Mites like warm dry areas. They are typically on south-facing slopes often near rock beds or spruce or pine trees. They feed on the grass in the dry times and hide in the pine/spruce trees during rain or snow. If you have damage on the south side of your pine trees every year you most likely have mite problems.

Q. When are mites active in Colorado?
A. Typically mites do damage between the months of December and March.

Q. If your spray is just soap and water why can’t I just apply it myself?
A. M-Pede is a special insecticidal soap formulated for mites and the pressure that our spray tank produces is one of the main reasons our application works.

Q. Where do you apply your mite treatment?
A. We treat the entire lawn, particularly paying close attention to the problem areas including rock areas and the lower parts of spruce and pine trees, most especially in south facing areas.