HUMATE soil conditioner

Humate Soil Conditioner - FAQs

Q. What is Humate?
A. Humate is a product that is mined from states like Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. It is comprised of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid which have been scientifically proven to improve the growth and root development in plants and to foster the development of beneficial microbial species.

Q. How is it applied?
A. Humate is applied as a granular with a broadcast spreader. It is coal black in color.

Q. When is the best time to apply it?
A. Humate can be applied any time of the year. We can apply it in early spring, late spring, mid-summer, and in the fall; all work great.

Q. Why is Humate important?
A. Our Colorado soils have many nutrients like iron and magnesium but they are unavailable for plant uptake. As a chelating agent, Humate helps release the tied up nutrients from the soil. When Humate is applied, less fertilizer and less water are needed. It also improves overall plant health.

Q. What are the benefits of Humate?
A. Humate is an incredible product. It cures fungus problems, increases grass seed germination rates, and improves soil permeability. We call Humate “the Duct tape of lawn care” because it has so many uses. Before Humate, we used the product Revive but after 1 test with Humate we switched immediately and have never used Revive since. In our experience, Humate works about 10 times more effectively than Revive.

Q. Do I have to water my lawn after the application?
A. We recommend watering as soon as you can after the application for about thirty minutes per section to start working the Humate into the soil. It will not burn your lawn if you don’t water the lawn, but it will not begin to work into the soil until you water.

Q. How can I tell if it is working?
A. Results can be seen around 3 weeks. Results are slow to start but the effects lasts for 6-12 weeks so it is also long lasting. Your lawn will turn a deep dark green and you will see an overall improved appearance. The results are not as immediate as a fertilizer treatment but they are much longer lasting. Typically results include a deeper green without the extra top growth, thicker blades of grass, and more resistance to heat stress and to foot traffic. It is a wonderful product.

Q. Is Humate safe for my dog?
A. Humate is considered a non-toxic substance and should not be harmful to your pets or children. Humate is an edible product but we do not recommend eating it.

Q. How do I know if I need Humate?
A. If you have soils comprised of clay, your soil is lacking organic matter, the soil is having a hard time holding nutrients & water, or your lawn is lacking color and vigor, then your lawn could benefit from an application of Humate. We also apply Humate for “hot spots,” lawns with fungus problems, or lawns that lack color.

Q. What is the difference between your Humate and other companies’ Humate?
A. Our Humate comes from one the richest veins in the world. The Humate is 100% pure and the results are noticeably better. Less expensive Humate has lower levels of Humic and Fulvic acid. Therefore, lower grade Humate products have to be applied at higher application rates to get the same result and may take up to 4 months before it becomes available for uptake by the plant. Our Humate only takes 3-8 weeks to start working. Humate is a complicated product and not all Humate is the same.

Q. What does Humate look like?
A. Humate looks like crushed up coal and is jet-black in color.

Q. How often should I apply Humate and how long does it last?
A. Humate will last in a lawn for 6-8 months. We recommend one application every season and two applications for very poor soils or lawns with Necrotic Ring Spot Fungus.

Q. Can Humate burn my lawn?
A. No; Humate can be applied at 100 lbs per 1000 sq ft or 10 times a normal application without causing damage. Multiple applications will not cause damage.

Q. Why is Humate applied in a Top Seeding package?
A. Humate is a natural seed germination promoter. When Humate is applied we will get about a 25% increase in grass seed germination, compared to grass seed alone. So, applying grass seed with Humate will result in 85% germination while applying grass seed alone will result in 60% germination.