Sprinkler Blowout - FAQs

Q. Do I need to be home for you to perform the blowout?
A. That depends. If you want us to drain the downstairs pipe and shut off the water, then you do need to be home. If you can shut off the water inside the house and drain the downstairs pipe yourself then we can winterize the system from the outside and you do not need to be home. We have instructions on how to drain the downstairs pipe on the website. If your water shut off is outside and everything is accessible to us, you do not have to be home.

Q. I don’t know how to shut off the water and drain the downstairs pipe; do I need to be home?
A. If you can follow the directions we have on our website on how to drain the pipe, you can print them and do them yourself. However, if you are more comfortable with us doing the draining and shutting off of the water then you will need to be home.

Q. I have a sprinkler clock; do you need access to that to winterize the system?
A. In about 99% of cases, no. We can manually control the sprinkler through the manifold or valve boxes. These are the boxes that are in the ground and have the green lids. If the valve boxes are not accessible then we will need to use the clock.

Q. I am trying to self drain my system but I cannot find my water shutoff in the basement; what should I do?
A. You should have us turn off the water and drain the pipe. We can find 99%+ of all shutoffs.

Q. I am draining my downstairs pipe and it is taking a long time to drain, did I shut of the water properly?
A. Yes; if you did not shut it off properly you would have water gushing out of the pipe at about 50 PSI. Sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes for the pipe to drain properly because some pipes are very long.

Q. I am trying to drain my downstairs pipe but no water is coming out, am I doing this correctly?
A. Probably not. You need air flow for the water to release. You need to go outside to the vacuum breaker and open a petcock to get proper airflow. Please read our instructions on how self-drain the downstairs pipe.

Q. Can I pick a time for you to come?
A. Unfortunately, no. We do not allow you to pick the time that we come. We route in the most efficient driving order the day before you are scheduled. We email you the afternoon before your winterization to let you know what time we will arrive. We do this so we can route the jobs in the most efficient order so we do not waste fuel. Tyically we can take requests for morning or afternoon appointments, but we cannot guarantee a certain time.

Q. What days to you perform the sprinkler blowouts?
A. Typically we perform sprinkler blowouts Monday thru Friday.

Q. When should I have my sprinkler winterized?
A. We recommend having the sprinkler system winterized prior to the first hard freeze. Since we cannot predict when that is going to be, we recommend having them winterized starting around the last week of September and before the end of October. Our schedule fills up quickly so the sooner you call the more dates we will have available to choose from.

Q. Does having my sprinkler system winterized ensure that I will not have any damage over the winter?
A. Even a properly winterized system can still have damage. Typically there is damage from winter on 3-5% of all sprinkler systems. This damage is completely unrelated to the winterization of the system. This is typically not because of improper winterization, but more likely due to old parts or bad luck. Remember most sprinkler systems have plastic parts and in very cold conditions plastic parts can become brittle.

Q. What air pressure do you use to winterize the system?
A. We use 40-80 PSI depending on your system.

Q. I have a water shutoff valve that is in the ground and it requires a key to turn it off, do you have a key or do I need to supply the key?
A. You will need to supply the key. If you don’t own one we can sell you a key or advise you where to buy one. It is very important that you own a key because if you need to shut off the water in an emergency you need to have quick access to the key.

Q. Are your technicians trained to winterize sprinkler systems?
A. Yes.

Q. I waited too long and my sprinkler system froze and I need some repairs; can you do that?
A. That depends; if it is the bonnet or pop-it which are inside the vacuum breaker, yes we can. Typically, 95%+ of freeze issues are going to be the bonnet or the pop-it. If a pipe ruptured or something else broke inside then you will need to get a plumber out to fix the problem. Note: the bonnet and the pop-it are not included in the price of the winterization.