Sprinkler Startup - FAQs

Q. What time of year is the best time to start up my sprinkler system?
A. We recommend that you start up your sprinkler system when we are no longer getting moisture on a regular basis from Mother Nature and hard freezes are unlikely. This is usually the middle of April or into May.

Q. What do you do when you startup the sprinkler system?
A. We start the water properly and check all the zones to make sure they are watering accurately. We program the clock to water the lawn properly, check to see the heads are spraying in the correct direction, and check for problems.

Q. I have a repair that needs to be done; can you do that while you are there?
A. It depends on the severity of the repair. We can replace bonnets and pop-its, some sprinkler head tips, and micro-mist tips, but we do not have the equipment to handle many major repairs. If there is a repair we cannot do, we will advise you of the situation and can give you a referral for the repairs to be completed. If it is a repair that we can do but is a more major repair, we will have to schedule the repair for another day.

Q. I have a sprinkler head that is broken; can you replace that?
A. Typically not unless you have a replacement head available. We do not have many parts with us and we do not specialize in sprinkler repairs. We can advise on how to do this but it is very rare that we can repair a sprinkler head unless it is just a replaceable tip.

Q. Do I need to be home for the sprinkler startup?
A. Yes, you need to be home so we can get access to the water valve and the clock for programming, unless your sprinkler clock is located outside. We will email you the afternoon before your appointment with a 2 hour time window for our arrival.

Q. I want to move a sprinkler head; can you do that?
A. No; you will need to contact a company that specializes in sprinkler systems.

Q. You winterized my system and there is a problem, is that guaranteed?
A. Probably not. Even a properly winterized system can still have damage. Typically there is damage from winter on 3-5% of all sprinkler systems. This damage is most likely unrelated to the winterization of the system. Usually this is not from improper winterization, but due to old parts or bad luck. Remember most sprinkler systems have plastic parts and in very cold conditions plastic parts can become brittle.

Q. My water is already on. Why did you recommend a sprinkler startup?
A. Turning on the water is one small part of our sprinkler startup service; we also adjust your system to water appropriately for your grass type and conditions. If we recommended a startup for you, it is probably because we are seeing an issue with watering in the lawn. 99% of lawn problems are watering related, and a proper watering schedule with proper coverage is necessary to develop and maintain a living soil as well as a healthy turf.