Merit - FAQs

Q. What is Merit used for?
A. Merit is Imidacloprid that is used to help control certain insects on trees.

Q. What type of insects does Merit control?
A. Merit controls many insects including aphids, ash sawfly, leafhopper, leafminer, mealy bugs, Japanese beetles, lacebug, thrips, whiteflies, birch borers, and many more. Please note that Merit does not control spider mites.

Q. How is Merit applied?
A. Merit is applied by injecting the product into the ground. The roots uptake the product and push it to the leaves. Trees are very slow to uptake Merit and it usually 3-8 weeks for the tree to fully push the Merit to the plant tissue.

Q. How long does Merit last?
A. Merit controls insects for up to one year.

Q. By using Merit will this prevent all insects from infecting the tree?
A. It will control the insects listed on the label but it will not control spider mites.

Q. Why is injecting Merit into the ground better than the sprays other companies use?
A. By injecting Merit into the ground we are ensuring that the product is getting to the target tree and not drifting to non-target plants like gardens or other trees. This process also allows us to apply it on a rainy or windy day. It also does not affect beneficial insects and other creatures and people.

Q. When should we have the Merit treatment applied?
A. Merit should be applied at least 4 weeks prior to insect pressure. Merit lasts for 1 year so we recommend this application to be performed in late October/November or February/March. This gives ample time for the tree to push the Merit into the leaf tissue before insect pressure occurs.

Q. I have insects on my tree now is Merit the best treatment?
A. No; if you have insects on your tree now you should use another product, depending on the tree and the insect. Merit is will not begin to control the insects for 3-8 weeks.

Q. Can I have Merit applied to my fruit trees?
A. No. We do not apply any synthetics to fruit trees.

Q. What trees are most susceptible to insect pressure?
A. Many trees have many different problems. We have a chart that explains what species of trees are affected by what type of insects.

Q. How long do I have to stay off the lawn after the application is performed?
A. You do not have to stay off the lawn after the application is performed because it is all underground. If you want to be extra cautious you should stay off the lawn for 24 hours.

Q. Is there anything I should do for the tree after the application is performed?
A. You do not have to do anything for the tree, however, you could water the tree to help it uptake the Merit.

Q. Do I have to have Merit applied to my trees every year?
A. If you want consistent control on the tree you will need annual treatments.