Smarter vs. One Earth Weed Control - FAQs

Q. What is the difference between Smarter Weed Control and One Earth Weed Control?
A. Smarter Weed Control is a blanket application of Nature's organic fertilizer with a spot spray of a reduced-risk synthetic weed control; it achieves an 80-90% control rate. One Earth Weed Control is a 100% organic blanket application that achieves a 60%-80% control rate. Smarter is our base pricing, while One Earth costs a bit more.

Q. Which weed control should I choose?
A. That depends on how many weeds you have and how concerned you are with being organic. One Earth offers a very high control rate for being organic, though not quite as high as the organic/synthetic Smarter.

  • Major Weed Problem
    If you have a major weed problem it will take one year (3-4 applications) using either Smarter or One Earth in the Ultimate or Supreme full season program to get the weeds under control. Smarter does have a slightly higher control rate, so if you want to have as few weeds as possible and are not concerned with staying fully organic, Smarter may be your best choice.
  • Minor or No Weeds
    If you have no weeds or only a few weeds then either program is a good choice. Because Smarter is a combination treatment, technically if you had no weeds in the lawn you'd only be getting treated with the 100% organic Nature's.

You have to choose which is right for you and your lawn. If you have a lot of weeds and want to have very few, you should use Smarter Weed Control. If you are concerned with being 100% organic and can tolerate a few weeds, One Earth is the choice for you.

Q. What if I cannot make up my mind what should I do?
A. You can start with one product and switch to another. Give the office a call and we'll be happy to help you get switched (note that changing from Smarter or Nature's to One Earth will require an additional charge).