Avenger - FAQs

Q. How fast does Avenger work?
A. Avenger begins to work typically within a few hours and up to 36 hours after application. Avenger works best on days warmer than 50 degrees F. Areas that are in full shade may have varied results. The hotter and sunnier it is, the better it works.

Q. Will it kill everything with one application?
A. Avenger will only kill the top growth of the weeds or grasses. It does not damage the roots, therefore weeds may regrow. Avenger will not stop the germination of future weeds. Weeds may germinate again and a second application may be required. Typically over a growing season 3-4 applications are required for full control.

Q. How is it applied?
A. It is a liquid application that we apply from a backpack sprayer most commonly in the rock/mulch areas.

Q. Is Avenger safe?
A. Avenger is 100% organic and derived from citrus oil. We do not recommend eating it. We recommend keeping off the area until the product has dried.

Q. Will Avenger kill my grass?
A. Yes. Avenger is a non-selective herbicide, so it can damage any vegetation it touches. Our technicians are extremely careful and do not to spray Avenger on any plants considered desirable (unless you direct us otherwise). We recommend marking desirable plants that look like weeds to avoid any unwanted killing of desirable plants.

Q. How is Avenger different than Glyphosate?
A. Avenger is a contact herbicide, therefore it only kills the part of the plant that it touches and results are seen within 1-36 hours. Glyphosate is a translocation (systemic) herbicide so it will move through the entire plant even if the applicator did not achieve full coverage. Glyphosate results are seen between 10 to 14 days after the application.

Q. How long should I stay off of the treated area?
A. We recommend staying off the area until the Avenger has dried.

Q. If it doesn’t work will you come back and re-apply?
A. If it rains or is applied incorrectly (on a cold day), we will re-apply the product. It will take 2-5 days to see if the product has worked or not, so you should call in and let us know about the weed control after that time period and we will determine if another application is needed. If it kills some tough weeds by 80-90% but there is a little green left we can re-apply the product but we may charge for the application since we previously claimed that it may take 2 applications.