Nature’s Weed Control - FAQs

Q. Why do I have to wait four hours to walk on the lawn if Nature’s Weed Control is non-toxic?
A. The four hours is the dry time. Nature’s Weed Control is organic and non-toxic but is derived from molasses so it is sticky and can easily be tracked into the house (and off of the lawn).

Q. How is it applied?
A. Nature’s is applied as a blanket spray over the entire lawn.

Q. It rained right after the application. Will it still work?
A. Rain often will not affect the weed control rate. Our technicians will not apply if they believe there is too much rain for the weed control to be effective. Please wait 7-10 days to see the effects of the weed control. The rain will not affect the fertilizer.

Q. Why is the yellow pesticide application flag in my lawn if Nature’s Weed Control is 100% Organic?
A. It is a legal requirement to post a pesticide application flag even though this product is an organic product. (Any product that claims to control weeds is considered a pesticide).

Q. How long should I leave the pesticide flag in the ground?
A. Twenty-four hours is recommended. However it is your lawn so you can do whatever you want.

Q. Nature’s Weed Control did not work; will you come re-spay for free?
A. Nature's Weed Control will give between a 10%-60% weed control rate, which we tell all of our clients before scheduling the event. Organo-Lawn can only stand behind the product's capabilities; therefore, we cannot re-spray this product for free. To receive a higher effectiveness rate please use either our 100% organic One Earth Weed Control product which will give you a 50%-80% weed control percentage or our organic/synthetic Smarter Weed Control product which will give you an 80-90% weed control percentage.

Q. How does it work?
A. Scientists do not all agree, but the main theory is it makes the weeds create too much oxygen in the cells and oxygen is toxic to plants.

Q. Can I apply Nature’s by myself?
A. No. Nature’s is a very complicated product. It is comprised of 6-7 different products and it goes bad soon after being mixed.