One Earth Weed Control - FAQs

Q. How is it applied?
A. Our 100% organic One Earth weed control with fertilizer is a liquid application that is applied from a spray tank.

Q. What are typical weed control results?
A. One Earth typically gets between 60%-80% weed control results, depending on the type of weeds and their maturity. We have found it to work extremely well on dandelions.

Q. How long should I stay off the lawn?
A. We recommend staying off the lawn until the product is dry. Depending on the weather this may only be a few hours, or can take up to 24 hours.

Q. How long should I wait before watering?
A. We recommend waiting 24 hours before you water.

Q. What is it derived from?
A. One Earth has a base of organic fertilizer with clove oil and a special form of iron added for organic weed control.

Q. Can I buy it and apply it myself?
A. No, we do not sell any of our liquid products. We mix our products every day and many of them break down very quickly.

Q. It rained right after you applied One Earth; will it still work?
A. This product is rain proof within an hour. We ask that you wait 2-5 days to see results from the application and after that time you can call our office and let us know if you did not see weed control results of at least 50%. If that is the case, we will come back out and treat the lawn again. Please call before 18 days have passed.

Q. Why is the yellow pesticide application flag in my lawn when I requested a 100% organic weed control?
A. It is a legal requirement to post a pesticide application flag even if a product is 100% organic. Any product that claims to control weeds is considered a pesticide and therefore requires a flag.

Q. How long should I leave the pesticide flag in the ground?
A. Twenty-four hours is recommended. However, since it is your lawn, you can remove it whenever you want.

Q. Is it toxic for dogs?
A. All of the ingredients in our One Earth Weed Control are considered edible, though we do not recommend eating it.

Q. Why is it more expensive than conventional weed controls?
A. The special form of iron and the clove oil that we add to the mix are quite expensive. However, this is the best 100% organic post emergent weed control we have found for turf areas.

Q. Will One Earth burn the lawn?
A. In 5-10% of lawns we have seen slight discoloration after a One Earth Weed Control application. We tend to see this in lawns that are stressed with short roots, lawns with a lot of weeds, and in extreme heat. Your lawn will not die; it should recover within 2 weeks. If this happens, please water your lawn deeply for 3 consecutive days and then return to your normal watering schedule. Please note that we do not credit or refund charges if a lawn is discolored from this application.

Q. How fast does One Earth work?
A. You should see results in 2-5 days, and as little as 24 hours.

Q. Is it safe?
A. We cannot legally say whether anything is safe or not, but it is a 100% organic product and all the ingredients are edible.

Q. When should I mow before and after a One Earth application?
A. We recommend mowing two days before or two days after a One Earth application. The goal is for the grass to be short enough for us to spray the weeds and for the weeds to have enough surface area to absorb the product.