DRIVE XLR8 for bindweed and crabgrass control

Drive - FAQs

Q. What is Drive XLR8 used for?
A. Drive is a post-emergent weed control that will control many broadleaf and annual grasses. We use it specifically for weed control on bindweed, crabgrass and foxtail.

Q. How is it applied?
A. We apply Drive as a spot treatment only in the problem areas with bindweed and crabgrass.

Q. When should it be applied?
A. Bindweed typically germinates from May-August and crabgrass germinates starting in mid June and dies at the first frost. Drive XLR8 should be applied any time these weeds or grasses are actively growing.

Q. How long should I stay off the lawn?
A. We recommend staying off treated areas for 24 hours.

Q. How long should I wait before watering?
A. The manufacturer suggests waiting 24 hours after treatment before watering.

Q. What is Drive derived from?
A. Drive XLR8 has an active ingredient called Quinclorac.

Q. Is it safe?
A. Legally we cannot answer that question because it is a registered pesticide but we can tell the customer that the EPA’s signal word on Drive is Caution, which is the lowest of the three signal words. Danger is the highest toxicity, then Warning, and the lowest level of toxicity is Caution. As a Caution-level herbicide, Drive has low toxicity to people, low toxicity to non-target animals and insects, and reduced risk of ground water contamination.

Q. I heard that the only way to stop crabgrass is with a pre-emergent. Is that true?
A. No. Drive kills crabgrass. We strongly discourage applications of pre-emergent crabgrass control because typically crabgrass only hits a few areas of the lawn, yet applications of pre-emergent crabgrass controls are applied to the entire lawn. We suggest waiting to see if your lawn develops a crabgrass problem and if it does we can apply Drive to the infested areas. This practice of only applying products when and where they are needed is an integral part of Integrated Pest Management or IPM, the EPA's recommended method of managing pest damage (including weeds) with the least possible hazard to people and the environment.

Q. Can I buy Drive at a store?
A. No, Drive is a restricted use pesticide and can only be purchased by licensed applicators.

Q. Can you use Drive on my other weeds like clover and thistle?
A. Yes and No, Drive will work on crabgrass, bindweed, dandelions, and clover but not on thistle. Drive will kill bindweed and crabgrass in 7-10 days but it takes 30-50 days to kill dandelions and clover so this is not out first choice of herbicide for these weeds.

Q. How does Drive XLR8 work?
A. Drive XLR8 is a photosynthesis inhibitor. Basically it will not allow the plant to produce chlorophyll.

Q. Can I use Drive XLR8 in my garden area?
A. Yes, however it is not recommended for vegetable gardens. If you choose to use Drive XLR8 in the garden area we do recommend that you mark the plants you would like to keep. There is a possibility that the drive will harm the monocots. The preferred application in this area is the non-selective organic weed control called Avenger.