Ranger Pro - FAQs

Q. What is Ranger Pro?
A. Ranger Pro is a reduced-risk alternative to Round Up. It is a non-selective, systemic, synthetic weed control with the active ingredient Glyphosate.

Q. What does non-selective mean?
A. Non-selective controls kill both grass and weeds, anything it is sprayed on.

Q. How is it applied?
A. As a spot spray, out of a backpack sprayer.

Q. How does Glyphosate work?
A. Glyphosate is a non-selective, photosynthesis inhibitor. Basically it will not allow the plant to produce chlorophyll.

Q. Will Ranger Pro kill the root system?
A. Yes. Ranger Pro is a systemic herbicide. It travels throughout the plant, including the roots.

Q. Will I need to re-apply?
A. Ranger Pro is a post-emergent and will kill everything that is growing at the time we spray. Ranger Pro is not a pre-emergent weed control and other weeds may germinate from seed. New weed germination is not guaranteed but weeds we spray are guaranteed to die.

Q. Is there an organic alternative to Ranger Pro?
A. Yes: Avenger. This product is not a systemic herbicide, so it may take a few applications to kill your weeds.

Q. How long will it take to see results using Ranger Pro?
A. Ranger Pro takes 10-14 days to show results. There are Round Up-type products that will show results within 24 hours, but they contain other herbicides to help speed up the process. Ranger Pro contains only glyphosate, a reduced-risk herbicide which takes 10-14 days to show results.

Q. Will Ranger Pro move in the soil?
A. Yes and no. Ranger Pro will move in the soil a little, but it will not be picked up by other plant roots. An area can be reseeded as soon as 24 hours after this spray.

Q. Is Ranger Pro safe?
A. Legally we cannot answer that question (even water isn’t technically safe according to the Department of Agriculture). You can go to the link on Organo-Lawn website to the pesticide research site, go to the NCAP files and go to the fact sheets under Glyphosate and read the dangers of Ranger Pro. We would recommend using Avenger instead of Ranger Pro if this is a concern.

Q. Why should I use Avenger instead of Ranger Pro?
A. Ranger Pro is a synthetic herbicide and Avenger is 100% organic. Avenger is a contact herbicide, therefore it only kills the part of the plant that it touches and results are seen within a few days. Ranger Pro is a translocation (systemic) herbicide so it will move through the entire plant even if the applicator did not achieve full coverage. Ranger Pro results are seen between 10-14 days after the application.

Q. Does Ranger Pro kill Bindweed?
A. Ranger Pro can only control Bindweed that is growing in full sun, not in the shade. Drive XLR8 will kill bindweed in the shady locations.

Q. Will Ranger Pro kill the desirable plants in my non-turf area?
A. Ranger Pro is non-selective and will kill most plants and weeds. Our technicians are very careful to spray around desirable plants. To be extra cautious and because some people’s definition of desirable is different than others, we prefer for you to mark the plants you would like to keep.