General Questions for Weed Control - FAQs

Q. How long should I wait after an application is applied to see the results?
A. It depends on what we applied. It can be anywhere from a few hours to 14 days. For most applications you will start to see results with in the first 5-10 days. Please allow this much time to pass before contacting our office. If you contact us prior to this time we will tell you to call back. There are exceptions to this rule, so please refer to the drop sheet we left for you after the application.

Q. What should I do if the weed control doesn’t seem to be working?
A. You should wait the allotted time for the product to fully work and then call our office. We will then come out to do a re-spray if you did not achieve the guaranteed control rate. We will only come out to do the re-spray if we are contacted between 10-18 days after the application. Waiting longer will not allow us to investigate what didn’t die and what are new weeds. Again, this time frame is for most applications, but there are exceptions. Please refer to the drop sheet we left for you for specific information for each individual application.

Q. What if it has been longer than 20 days and I start to see more weeds in my lawn?
A. The post-emergent weed controls only work on the weeds that are up at the time of the spray. We do not guarantee weed control on new weeds. You will need an additional application for the new weeds that have germinated. Most lawns need 4-5 applications per year to maintain proper weed control.

Q. How long should I stay off the lawn after you have applied a product?
A. We recommend 24 hours with all our applications as a precaution. Ideally, wait the appropriate amount of time to water and let the lawn dry, before you go out on the lawn again.

Q. How long should I wait to water after you have applied a product?
A. With our granular products you can water them in right after the application. With our liquid sprays we usually recommend at least 12-24 hours, and then water the product in. This can vary, so check the drop-sheet we left when we applied the product.

Q. If the product is organic why do I have to stay off the lawn?
A. The liquid fertilizer in our weed and feed spray is made with molasses and the product is sticky so if you get it on your shoes and take it into your house it can make a mess. We ask you to stay off the lawn to avoid any messes and to keep the product on your lawn so it can do its job.

Q. What is the difference between pesticides and herbicides?
A. Pesticide is the term used meaning a substance that controls, kills, repels, or mitigates a pest. Therefore all herbicides are pesticides, all insecticides are pesticides, all fungicides are pesticides, etc. An herbicide controls, kills, repels, or mitigates plants. So all herbicides, even organic ones, are a type of pesticide.