Lawn Care Chemical and PESTICIDE resources

Lawn care chemicals and pesticides are one most confusing subjects for homeowners. These links are great resources to help Boulder and Fort Collins area residents understand what are the risks with chemical pesticides used on lawns and trees. These links to scientific pesticide research are a good resource and will reinforce why using 100% organic lawn and tree care services are a wonderful choice for the safety of kids, pets and the environment. Organo-Lawn often tells our customers that if a lawn is 100% weed free what that really means is that the lawn has been sprayed with too many dangerous chemicals and the lawn is not safe to play on. A 100% organic lawn using organic herbicides may have a few weeds, but seeing a weed here is actually a sign of a healthy environment.

NCAP Publications

  • NCAP is a non profit organization that has wonderful research on dangerous lawn chemicals. Make sure to read about 2,4-D and you will understand why Organo-Lawn will never use this commonly used lawn care chemical, Note: Currently almost all commercial lawn care companies use 2,4-D and 2,4-D is the main ingredient in almost all the chemicals that homeowners use on their lawns.

National Pesticide Information Center

  • Another great resource for information on lawn care pesticides. NPIC provides research, fact sheets, and reports on lawn and tree care chemcials.

EPA Government Fact Sheets

  • A great resource for governmental fact sheets concerning newly registered lawn and tree care pesticides.

Health Effects of Common Chemicals

  • Learn what lawn and tree care pesticides have been linked to cancer, birth defects, reproductive effects, neurotoxicity, kidney / liver damage and irritants.

Environmental Effects of Common Chemicals

Organic Grass Care Service

  • Learn what lawn and tree care pesticides are detected in water, and are toxic to birds, fish and bees.

Synthetic Weed Control Research
  • This is a good reference for research about chemical and synthetic lawn care weed controls.

According to the Colorado Department of Agriculture lawn care services in Boulder, Fort Collins or all of Colorado are not allowed to use the word “safe” or “child safe” even if the products being used are 100% organic. Therefore, we are very proud to offer 100% organic, non-toxic, edible, 100% chemical-free, organic herbicides, child-friendly, and eco friendly lawn care services for homeowners living in the Boulder and Fort Collins areas.