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The Gold Lawn Care Program

Pet Safe Lawn Care

The Gold Lawn Care Program is a 4 application program. It is designed for customers that missed the Ultimate Program cut off date of April 15th. This date is when we stop applying the 100% organic pre-emergent weed control called Synergy with corn gluten meal. The Gold Program is also a less expensive option for large properties like home owners associations or estates.

The Gold Lawn Care Program is similar to the Ultimate Lawn Care Program except it does not include the product called Synergy with corn gluten meal. Gold Program holders that started late should upgrade the October application to the fall Synergy with corn gluten meal and then changing to the Ultimate Lawn Care Program for the following year. Both the Gold Program and the Ultimate Program are pet friendly lawn care services.

The Gold Program is designed for customers that missed signing up for the Ultimate Program. This could be because it was after April 15th and it is too late to start the Ultimate Program or if the property is very large the Gold Program is a less expensive option.

Controlling Weeds Without Chemicals

The Gold Program

Gold Lawn Care Program- Using 100% Organic One Earth Weed Control

The Gold Program is a 4-application plan that is designed to maximize the potential of a lawn. The Gold Program uses a 100% organic weed killer called One Earth Weed Control. This all natural weed killer is pet friendly and non-toxic to people and it is also an organic fertilizer.

The Gold Program is designed for customers that started after the April 15th cutoff for the Ultimate Program. This program includes 4 applications over the season compared to 5 applications included in the Ultimate program. It is a more economical option and is a great program for larger properties like home owners associations and estates.

1st Application - One Earth Weed Control

Late April through Early May - One Earth Weed Control is an all organic weed killer and fertilizer. This is the businest time of year because all the dandelions are growing like crazy! During this time of year dandelions are a major problem, but One Earth will kill these pesky weeds quickly.

2nd Application - One Earth Weed Control

Late June - One Earth Weed Control -Typically at this time of year there are a lot of summer weeds that are starting to become a problem. We catch these weeds early in the growing season and the weeds turn black and die within a few days after the application.

3rd Application - One Earth Weed Control

August - One Earth Weed Control - Typically in August there are a lot of weeds that are growing in a lawn. These might include weeds like black medic, plantain, thistle, purslane, oxalis, clover, etc. There is also another round of dandelions, however, not as bad as they are in May. This application is designed to kill these problematic weeds.

4th Application- Organic Fertilizer

Late September through October - Organic lawn winterizer is applied to the lawn to send it into the winter healthy and strong. We recommend upgrading the organic fertilizer application with the fall Synergy application.

$325.75 - Gold Program Cost*

*Prices quoted are based on lawns that are 2500 square feet and below. The Gold Program prices increase as the square footage of the lawn increases.

Services like lawn aeration, humate soil conditioner, sprinkler system audits, sprinkler system blowouts, top seeding packages, etc. are extra.

Must Do Additional Services

Extremely Important Additional Lawn Care Services

A full season lawn care program includes only the weed control and fertilizer that a lawn needs. Lawns also need to be watered according to the 1-2-3-2-1 lawn watering technique, and in Colorado core aeration is extremely important!

Lawn Aeration

Colorado soils have very heavy clay content. Lawn Aeration is extremely important to have performed at least once per year. Aeration alleviates compaction in soils, improves air flow, allows nutrients and water to penetrate the soil easier, and stimulates beneficial microbial activity.

Sprinkler Audit

Sprinkler Audit is the most important service we offer. Proper lawn watering is so important that if it is done properly the lawn will look great and if it isn't the lawn won't. We strongly recommend that all new customers schedule a sprinkler audit with Organo-Lawn. We make sure the lawn is being watered according to the 1-2-3-2-1 lawn watering technique.

Additional Services

Humate Soil Conditioner

Humate Soil Conditioner is a great way to build organic matter content in the soil. Colorado has a lot of clay in the soil and Humate is the equivalent of applying a ½ inch of a quality compost. Humate is 1,000,000 year old organic matter that is mined from the soil.

Seeding a Lawn

A Top-Seeding Package is only necessary if the lawn is thin or has bare areas. Seeding a lawn helps fill in thin lawns that might be suffering from previous damage, drought stress, or too much shade.

Sprinkler System Blowout

Sprinkler Blowout service is something that has to be performed every year. Organo-Lawn offers professional sprinkler winterization services that will prevent the sprinkler lines from freezing over the winter. We perform sprinkler blowouts during the month of October..

Tree Care Services

Tree Care is a service that many homeowners often overlook. Trees are the most valuable aspect of a landscape and keeping them strong and healthy is easy with organic tree fertilization and insect control. Not every tree requires insect control, but we can help determine which trees require a preventative insect maintenance program.

To compare the Ultimate Program and the Gold Program visit: Choosing Your Lawn Care Program?

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Pet Friendly Lawn Care

FAQ - Gold Program

When should I see results from my weed killer application?

Typically between 2-3 days, however the stronger weeds that are larger, tiny leafed weeds like oxalis and clover and weeds that are at the end of their life or are drought stressed may not be affected.

Lawn Care Services FAQ

Can weed killers be applied to newly seeded or sodded lawns?

This depends on the weed killer, but to be extra safe we suggest until the lawn has fully established before applying a weed killer to a new lawn. With proper lawn watering it will take 3-4 weeks for sod to establish and 4-5 weeks for grass seeds to establish after they have germinated.

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