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Best Lawn Care Practices for Colorado Lawns, Common Lawn Care Mistakes, and Common Lawn Care Problems

Lawns don't come with an operator's manual; get the most out of your Colorado lawn by following these guidelines.

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What are the three most common lawn care mistakes that homeowners in the Boulder and Fort Collins area make?

  • Mowing the lawn too short – The most common mistake that Boulder and Fort Collins area homeowners make is they mow their lawn too short. Or have their lawn mowed to short by a local lawn care company. We believe that most homeowners make this mistake because their lawn mower has about 5 or 6 different height settings. Most homeowners assume that the highest setting on the lawn mower is too tall and the lowest setting is too short, therefore they set the mower on the middle setting. Unfortunately this middle setting is typically 2 1/4 inches tall or 2 1/2 inches tall. This of course is too short. Instead, the lawn mower should be set on the highest setting of the lawn mower and this is typically 3 to 3 ½ inches tall.
  • Watering the lawn too frequently – Most homeowners are not quite sure how to properly water a lawn. So they ask the neighbor that is always working on their lawn what they recommend for lawn watering. The neighbor tells them that they water their lawn every day for a little bit. Unfortunately, this same homeowner also mows their lawn too short and fertilizes their lawn with fast release nitrogen every month. This neighbor does have a decent looking lawn, but this neighbor also spends countless hours caring for the lawn. This neighbor also wastes a lot of water, fertilizer and time trying to keep the lawn green. If this neighbor stopped caring for the lawn on a daily basis this lawn would fall apart quickly. What this neighbor doesn’t understand is that the soil in this lawn is dead, the grass is only green because of the constant lawn feedings and short mowing plus the daily watering is causing the lawn to have very short roots.
    • Organo-Lawn understands that a lawn can be kept green by artificial means, but we want the lawn to be able to stay green even in the heat of the summer. This is why Organo-Lawn developed the 1,2,3,2,1 lawn watering technique. Basically, we recommend a very deep watering and then we want the lawn to dry out between watering. Deep and infrequent lawn watering will create deep digging grass roots, promote microbial activity in the soil and is the best watering technique for the trees.
  • Fertilizing a lawn with chemical fertilizers – Most homeowners fertilize their lawns with synthetic fertilizers that are purchased from the store. These fertilizers are comprised of fast release nitrogen that is high in salts. We won’t deny that these chemical fertilizers can green up a lawn quickly but they do absolutely nothing for the soil. In fact they kill microbes in the soil. One of the worst things homeowners in the Boulder and Fort Collins area do to their lawns is apply or allow a company to apply chemical fertilizers to their soil.

When it comes to questions about your lawn. Organo-Lawn is a local lawn care company so we are experts in Colorado lawn care. Call with questions about your lawn or trees Boulder (303) 499-2000 or Fort Collins (970) 225-9425.

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