Crabgrass vs. Tall Fescue

All too often coarse tall fescue is incorrectly identified as crabgrass. Tall fescue is a thick bladed fast growing and uncontrollable perennial grass that usually grows in clumps in the middle of a lawn. Tall fescue is NOT controllable without killing the desirable grasses surrounding the tall fescue.

Crabgrass, however, is an annual grass that germinates during the months of June and July and is controllable using a crabgrass killer called Drive XLR8. Crabgrass is light green in color and usually grows in clumps on the edges of the lawn or in thin areas. People are often misinformed and under the impression that crabgrass is only controllable with a pre-emergent weed control. Crabgrass can be killed without damaging your desirable grasses using a special application called Drive XLR8 and crabgrass will die within 3-10 days after the application.

Crabgrass vs. Fescue Quick Reference:

  • Crabgrass is an annual grass that is lime green or lighter colored and typically germinates in June and July.
  • Crabgrass can easily be controlled after it emerges using Drive XLR8, our bindweed and crabgrass killer.
  • Coarse tall fescue is a perennial grass that is darker colored grass that is in the lawn all year long.
  • Coarse tall fescue cannot be selectively controlled. The only way to kill coarse tall fescue is to kill it with a product like roundup and then reseed the damaged areas.

If you have crabgrass growing in your Boulder or Fort Collins area lawn, call Organo-Lawn today and schedule a Drive XLR8 application to kill the crabgrass quickly.

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Crabgrass is an annual grass that germinates in June. It is easily controllable using Drive XLR8. It is best to treat this grass early before it spreads seeds.

Coarse Tall Fescue, pictured above, is uncontrollable with selective controls. Only a non-selective control like Roundup will kill tall fescue.

This is a closeup of a Coarse Tall Fescue grass blade.

Learn how to prevent crabgrass from taking over your lawn.

FAQ - Crabgrass vs Tall Fescue

Why won’t my crabgrass die?

  • It’s possible that the problem grass you are trying to kill isn’t crabgrass, you may be seeing coarse tall fescue or a thick bladed perennial grass. Crabgrass is an annual grass that germinates in lawns during the month of June and can be seen through early October. We can get great control of crabgrass with our Drive XLR8.

How do I get rid of tall fescue?

  • There is currently no selective control for coarse tall fescue. It is currently impossible to kill the coarse tall fescue without also killing the desirable grass in your lawn. If you do want to kill the coarse tall fescue in a lawn you can use glyphosate, but it will kill the good grass and there will be a dead spot. The dead grass can be removed and reseeded or sodded.

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