Boulder and Fort Collins Area Lawn Care Services:

Organo-Lawn has been providing local lawn treatment services for the Boulder and Fort Collins area since 1997. Organo-Lawn’s approach to lawn care is different than most national and other local lawn care service companies. Organo-Lawn believes that if the soil is healthy then the lawn and trees will be healthy. To create a healthy soil Organo-Lawn believes in proper lawn watering practices, the use of only natural and organic lawn care products, proper lawn mowing, core aeration, and Humate soil conditioners.

Organo-Lawn also believes in avoiding chemical lawn fertilizers and chemical weed killers at all costs. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides kills beneficial microbial activity in soils and is the opposite philosophy that Organo-Lawn uses to create a healthy lawn.

Organo-Lawn has been using natural lawn care products in the Boulder and Fort Collins area for over 19 years. Organo-Lawn has thousands of customers that have been using our organic lawn care services since we opened for business in 1997 and these customer’s lawns now have soil that is very healthy.

Lawns that have had Organo-Lawn's organic lawn care products applied for more than 3 years will use less water to maintain a deep and dark green color, and have very few weeds; compared to lawns that have been treated using chemicals.

Organo-Lawn is your local lawn care service expert that has been providing quality organic lawn care services since 1997. Please note that Organo-Lawn does not offer lawn mowing services.

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