Lawn Diseases of Colorado

Organo-Lawn's fertilizers, MDS super compost teas, humate soil conditioners and other lawn applications create a living soil. Lawns that have a living soil are naturally resistant to diseases; therefore, the lawns that are on one of our full season programs and are following the 1,2,3,2,1 lawn watering technique rarely have any issues lawn fungus problems.

As Lawn and Landscape magazine’s October issue reported: "We are just beginning to understand how this complex organic pool creates suppression of soil-borne diseases, insects and nematodes. In addition, this pool of living and decomposing organic material helps to bind and degrade toxic compounds and pollutants that injure plant roots."

Lawn Disease Diagnosis – It is true that 99% or more of lawn problems and all lawn fungus problems are caused by improper lawn watering. Some fungus' like necrotic ring spot are caused by too much watering, while other diseases like Ascochyta Leaf Blight or Dollar Spot Fungus are caused by too frequent watering (which causes short grass roots).

Proper identification of the grass disease should always be done prior to applying any products or fungicides. It is extremely important to know what is causing the problems and correct the cause instead of treating the symptoms.

How to Cure a Lawn Disease?

Organo-Lawn is a firm believer that if the lawn problem is a watering problem and can be corrected with correcting the watering of the lawn, then we will NOT sell our customer unnecessary services. If the lawn problem is a disease we will start by properly identify the lawn disease and explain to our customer what is the cause the lawn disease. We will then make recommendations to eliminate the cause (over watering, under watering, sprinkler coverage issue, etc.) of the problem so it will never return in the future.

Organo-Lawn has state licensed professionals with years of experience in lawn disease diagnosis or identification. Always call us prior to applying potentially dangerous and unnecessary fungicides to your lawn because fungicides kill beneficial microbes that are living in the soil. In many instances applying fungicides to a lawn will cause more harm than good. A good example of this is with Necrotic Ring Spot, because fungicides will impede the recovery process.

After we have accurately identified the grass disease we will draw up a plan to treat, cure and prevent the lawn problem from re-occurring. These changes tend to include simple changes to mowing practices and watering practices. Organo-Lawn can successfully treat and cure even the most difficult lawn fungus problems without the use of dangerous and unnecessary fungicide applications.

How to Cure A Lawn Fungus - Boulder

Let Organo-Lawn help you treat and cure your lawn diseases by following our guide to proper lawn watering and using our 100% organic fertilizers for lawn diseases like Necrotic Ring Spot, Dollar Spot, and Localized Dry Spot.

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We have cured thousands of cases of lawn problems like Necrotic Ring Spot by stopping the severe over watering of the lawn which is the actual cause of the fungus. This lawn in Niwot, Colorado was one of the worst cases we have ever seen.

Ascochyta Leaf Blight in the Boulder area lawn is a fungus that only occurs in lawns with shallow digging roots. This lawn had 3 inch deep roots.

This lawn in Longmont, Colorado is suffering from poor sprinkler coverage. The brown area is dry because the sprinkler head was being blocked by a bush.

FAQ - Lawn Fungus and Disease Control

How to treat lawn fungus naturally?

  • Fungus infestations in a lawn indicate that the cultural practices of lawn watering, lawn mowing, and soil health are not in alignment. Typically the most damaging lawn fungus problems are caused by severe over watering of a lawn. Water replaces air in the soil which creates an anaerobic environment where only certain types of soil microbes can survive. 99% of lawn problems and lawn fungus problems are caused by improper watering practices. Watering deeply and infrequently according to the 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 lawn watering technique, will prevent the majority of lawn fungus problems.
  • The key to curing a lawn fungus problem is to create a living soil that is teeming with microbial activity. The more diverse and competitive the microbial population is in the soil the fewer lawn fungus infestations will occur. Important lawn care services to help cure a lawn fungus without chemicals include Humate soil conditioner applications, lawn aeration, and proper lawn mowing. Never apply a lawn fungicide to a lawn because fungicides will kill both the damaging microbes and the beneficial microbes in the soil and this is the opposite approach to curing the lawn fungus problem.

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