Organo-Lawn will often visit a lawn that looks like there is a new exotic disease infesting lawn's in the Front Range of Colorado, but it is never actually the case. Here is a great example why lawn care is something that should be left to professional yard care companies.

RoundupĀ® also known by its chemical name Glyphosate will kill all vegetation including grass. Many homeowners and even other yard care companies have made the mistake of spot applying RoundupĀ® on a lawn believing that they could be very careful and spray only the weed without hurting the grass. The result of the application often looks like a disease at first glance, but after closer investigation the true cause of the damage is a lack of common sense. This homeowners grass will require expensive landscaping and new sod to repair the damage caused by the Glyphosate application.

Yard Care Companies - Roundup Damage

This lawn in Ft. Collins suffers from Glyphosate (Roundup) damage caused by a spot application of RoundupĀ® intended for the weeds.