Organic Fertilizers

  • Synergy with Corn Gluten Meal – Synergy is the best organic lawn fertilizer on the market. The soils in and around Boulder and Fort Collins Colorado have a heavy clay content and Synergy is a great natural fertilizer that is designed to build organic matter in the soil.
  • Pax Terra Plus / Organic Lawn Fertilizer – This is a great natural lawn fertilizer and organic lawn winterizer for lawns in Colorado. .
  • MDS Super Tea – A compost tea that puts all other compost teas to shame! This compost tea will rebuild the microbial populations in the clay soils of Fort Collins and Boulder areas.
  • Synthetic Lawn Fertilizer vs Organic Lawn Fertilizer – Learn why our organic fertilizers are far superior to synthetic or chemical lawn fertilizers.

How does Organo-Lawn's approach to lawn care differ from chemical lawn care companies?

Chemical lawn care companies’ philosophy is to feed the plant. These chemical lawn fertilizer companies give the lawn frequent applications of synthetic or salt based nitrogen fertilizers. Initially the lawns treated using chemicals will look healthy and green but these lawn fertilizers only feed the plant and do nothing for the soil. The problem with the chemical lawn care company approach is that over time, when the soil is eventually killed by the chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides, the grass will become completely dependent on frequent applications of lawn nitrogen fertilizer. If the chemical lawn care companies stop performing their applications the lawn will become anemic and pale in color. Sometimes after using a chemical lawn care program for a year or longer the lawn will begin to develop fungus problems like necrotic ring spot and the lawns will begin to look terrible. The only way to cure a chemical dependent lawn is to stop the chemical applications and rebuild the soil using organic lawn fertilizers. It typically will take 1-2 years to rebuild soil if the lawn was treated by a chemical lawn care company. This is because the benefical microbial activity in the soil cannot be rebuilt overnight.

Lawn Fertilizer Companies

Organo-Lawn can make any Boulder or Fort Collins area lawn beautiful and lush with a combination of organic lawn fertilizers, organic weed controls, proper lawn mowing, and proper lawn watering practices. Call your local lawn fertilizer company today to make your lawn green and beautiful without using dangerous chemicals. Call Organo-Lawn of Boulder (303) 499-2000 and Fort Collins (970) 225-9425 with your organic fertilizing questions.

FAQ - Organic Fertilizer

When to apply organic fertilizer?

  • Organic lawn fertilizers can be applied at any time of year. The reason for this is if it is a truly organic fertilizer the nitrogen is in an organic state which means it must be broken down by microbial activity in the soil before it becomes available to the plant. Therefore, a true organic fertilizer cannot burn a lawn even if it is applied at an excessive application rate.
  • At Organo-Lawn we apply organic fertilizer with every application of our weed control. These lawn care services are typically spaced 6-8 weeks apart. Because our organic fertilizer is a slow release you never have to worry about it burning the lawn. We start applying Synergy with corn gluten meal in March and our last application of the year is performed in October.

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