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MDS Super Compost Tea is the incredible organic fertilizer and compost tea that is used in all One Earth Weed Control applications. MDS Super Compost Tea is extracted from plant tissue and stimulates microorganism and beneficial bacteria activity in soils. MDS Super Compost Tea is the same as a traditional lawn care compost tea on lawn application except it has about 10 times the beneficial microorganism activity of a traditional compost tea for lawns. MDS Super Compost Tea also has a natural lawn fertilizer included to help sustain the microbes after the lawn care compost tea application.

Along with stimulating beneficial microbial activity in the soil, this Super Compost Tea and natural lawn fertilizer will stimulate new root development (thicker lawn), will reduce thatch build-up in lawns, and it helps prevent lawn fungus and disease invasions. Compost tea on lawn applications have been scientifically proven to stimulate beneficial microbial activity in soils. When the soil is thriving with active microorganisms and beneficial bacteria the soil will be stronger, more drought tolerant, and lawn fungus and lawn weed problems are dramatically reduced.

MDS Super Compost Tea is included in all applications of One Earth Weed Control. If you would like to receive an application of MDS Super Compost Tea for your Boulder or Fort Collins area lawn please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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DERIVED FROM: Liquefied Plant Materials, Humate and TMG.

Organic Fertilizer for Grass - Fort Collins

A commercial property located in Longmont Colorado after one year of One Earth Weed Control treatments by Organo-Lawn.

Organic Fertilizer for Grass - Boulder

FAQ - MDS Super Compost Tea

What does compost tea do?

  • Compost Tea is a liquid organic supplement made by steeping aged compost in water. A compost tea is teeming with a diverse population of beneficial microbial activity that can be applied to lawns, plants and soils. Compost teas will introduce beneficial microbial activity to a new environment but the conditions in the new environment must have a proper supply of food, air, moisture and heat for the newly introduced microbes to survive.

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