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Lawn Aeration / Core Aeration

Core Aeration is one of the most important lawn care services for maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn. Aeration alleviates soil compaction thereby allowing nutrients, water, and air to penetrate the soil and access the root zone of the lawn. Loose soil that has been aerated allows the grass’s roots to dig deep into the soil. Grass with deep digging roots will tolerate heat and drought stress better than grass with shallow digging roots. Organo-Lawn is proud to provide these vastly important local lawn care services for homeowners in the Boulder and Fort Collins area.

Lawn aeration is also extremely important in developing a living soil because without air the beneficial microbes living in the soil will die. Most Front Range Colorado soils are very high in clay content and therefore, core aeration should be performed at least once per year (spring) and for best results again in autumn. Lawn aeration is an essential process for maintaining a healthy lawn especially with the clay soils that are common in the Boulder, Fort Collins and Arvada areas.

Aeration Process Benefits

1. Compacted soils prevent turf grasses from establishing a healthy root system. Grasses growing in compacted soils tend to have shallow root systems.

2. Core aeration relieves soil compaction by pulling cores of soil up to 3 inches in depth.

3. Once the soil is aerated, air exchange will improve and the soil can easily absorb water, fertilizer and other nutrients. Air is also vital for maintaining and stimulating beneficial microbial activity in soils.

4. Lawn aeration promotes deeper root growth for a lush, healthy and drought-resistant lawn.

5. Over watering can all cause soil compaction. We recommend a sprinkler audit when a lawn is being over watered.

Any time the lawn is compacted, the ground is moist, and it is during our core aeration season we perform lawn aeration as part of our local lawn care services in Boulder and Fort Collins.
Spring: March 1st - May 31st

Fall: September 15th - October 31st (later into November is possible if there's no snow on the ground)

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