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Top-Seeding Package

A top seeding package by Organo-Lawn is designed to help a thinning or older lawn become lush and thick again.

Our top-seeding package is a four-step process.

  1. We start with a thicker than normal aeration. The aeration alleviates soil compaction, opens up holes in the ground, and brings dirt to the lawn’s surface.
  2. Step two is an application of the organic soil conditioner Humate, which has been scientifically proven to increase seed germination by as much as 25% and foster new seedling growth.
  3. The third step is an application of our water retention polymer Rain Maker, which helps sustain a proper amount of moisture in the ground for a successful seed germination.
  4. Finally, we apply either our Supreme Lawn Mix, low maintenance Ecological Turf Mix, or our Emerald III Turf-type Tall Fescue blend. The technician will apply the seed at a full 6 pounds per 1000 square feet in bare areas, a 2-5 pounds per 1000 square feet rate in thin areas, and a 1 pound per 1000 square feet rate in strong areas of the lawn. With proper watering the seeds will germinate the lawn will become thick and lush.

Please note that proper lawn watering is required for 3-8 weeks for a successfully seed germination.


The first step of the top seeding package is a thorough aeration.

FertilizingThe second step of a top seeding package is applying humate soil conditioner.

Rain MakerWe add rain maker to our top seeding package to help with watering.

Applying Grass Seed

The final step is to seed the lawn.

Top Seeding Package Explained:

  • Step 1: Aeration to alleviate soil compaction and loosen up the soil for the seeds to establish.
  • Step 2: Humate soil conditioner is applied to the lawn because it is scientifically proven to increase grass seed germination by 25%.
  • Step 3: Rain Maker our water retention polymer is applied to assist in the lawn watering needs.
  • Step 4: The grass seed is applied to the lawn between 1-8 pounds per 1000 square foot. 1 -2 pounds/1000 sq ft is applied in thick and lush areas, 3-6 pounds/1000 sq ft is applied in average areas, and 6-8 pounds/1000 square feet is applied in bare or dirt areas. You can chose your grass seed type of either our award winning Emerald III Turf Type Tall Fescue, Supreme bluegrass mix or our Ecological Seed Blend.
  • Step 5: The lawn needs to be watered properly. This is very important and we suggest scheduling a sprinkler audit to ensure that the lawn watering is done properly.
  • Step 6: The lawn will need 6-10 weeks to fully establish. A top seeding takes time.

Turf-type tall fescue beginning to germinate after a top-seeding package.

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It will take 3 weeks of proper watering for the grass seeds to begin to germinate.

4 weeks after the top seeding package. Notice the grass growing in the aeration plugs.

5 weeks after the top seeding package.

11 weeks after the top seeding package.

Ideal Times to Top Seed

April 7th - May 20th
August 10th - September 1st

Top Seeding Season

Spring: April 7th - May 31st*

Fall: August 10th – September 15th*

*We guarantee the germination of the seeds if performed between these dates and the lawn is watered properly.

Lawn Care Boulder

This is a Boulder area lawn that used to be patchy and thin. After correcting the lawn watering practices, we performed an Emerald III Turf Type Tall Fescue top-seeding package and the customer began using the Ultimate Program. Now this Boulder lawn is now thick and lush.

The top seeding package is designed to get grass clumps growing in the lawn. Then when there is proper fertilization and proper lawn watering these grass clumps can spread out using rhizomes or underground roots to fill in the gap.

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