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Supreme (Bluegrass) Grass Seed Mix

Supreme Lawn Grass Seed Mix is a blend of selected fine-textured lawn grass species that form a dense, uniform sod with outstanding deep dark green color, excellent durability, good heat and drought tolerance, strong winter hardiness, and nice lawn disease resistance. Supreme Lawn Mix incorporates the features of the Allblue blend, then adds Creeping Red Fescue which tolerates poor soils and shade conditions and Four-Play Perennial Ryegrass blend to enhance quick establishment.

Spreme Lawn Grass Seed Mix

70% Kentucky Blue, Allblue
20% Perennial Rye, Four-Play
10% Creeping Red Fescue

Grass Seeds

Supreme seed is an extremely high quality Kentucky blue-grass seed type. It is a fine bladed type of grass, with deep color, excellent tolerance to foot traffic, fair heat and drought tolerance, good winter hardiness and is disease resistant. Bluegrass’ one drawback is its poor ability to establish in heavily shaded areas. Bluegrass needs about 70% sunlight throughout the day to stay healthy. If a homeowner has tried numerous times to seed an area with little success, chances are there isn’t enough sunlight for the grass to sustain in that area. Emerald III grass seed would be the best option for an area that does not receive much sunlight.

Bluegrasses are the most common grass type in Colorado lawns. This might be due to the fact that they are easy to sod and they are virtually drought proof. Even though they require more water to stay green than fescue, if bluegrass receives zero water, the bluegrass lawns will go dormant and this protects them from drought. When water becomes available again (even if it is one year later) they will absorb the water and will come out of dormancy. Bluegrass is virtually drought proof.

Bluegrass Facts:

  • Bluegrass seeds take 23 days to germinate from seed.
  • Due to strong rhizomes (roots that grow underground and then produce another blade of grass) bluegrass is very good at filling in bare areas and are more durable to foot traffic. Therefore, bluegrass is a good selection for sports turf, lawns with dog traffic or areas where children play.
  • Bluegrass requires more water than fescue to stay green, but bluegrass will not die if it goes into a drought, it will just go dormant. Bluegrass will turn brown quickly if water is reduced. Therefore, bluegrass is more drought proof than fescue but fescue is more drought tolerant.
  • Bluegrass will not grow very well in full shade. Bluegrass needs 70% sun per day to stay healthy.
  • There are over 100 different cultivars of bluegrass. The bluegrass in supreme seed mix is selected for its high tolerance to heat and drought stress and its overall health and color.