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Humate Soil Conditioner

Humate Soil Conditioner is am amazing organic soil conditioner and microbe stimulant. One application of humate soil conditioner is the equivalent of applying ½ inch of a high quality organic compost over the surface of the lawn. Humate is one of Organo-Lawn’s most amazing lawn and tree care products, because of how much it builds the soil and how much easier and less expensive it costs compared to performing an organic compost top dressing.

Humate Soil Conditioner is basically million year old organic matter that is mined from the soil. It has a positive effect on the physical, chemical, and biological reactions of the soil leading to an increase in soil fertility and microbial activity. Humate is comprised of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid, which are proven to build organic matter in soils, stimulate beneficial microbial activity and Humate is a key component in building a living soil.

If lawns are being watered properly and are on an Organo-Lawn full season lawn care program the results after an application of humate soil conditioner will be a deep, dark-green and lush lawn. Unlike fertilizer, humate will not cause the grass to grow any faster. Humate will green up a lawn without causing it grow because Humate helps release beneficial nutrients like Nitrogen, Iron, Potassium, etc. that are abundant in the soil, but are tied up or otherwise not available for the plant to uptake.

One or two applications of Humate Soil Conditioner per year is a must-do for lawns that have a heavy clay content in the soil. Lawn customers that have annual applications of humate applied to their lawns have a deep dark green color, strong root growth, are more resistance to heat and drought stress, and have a healthier soil.

Simple Benefits of Humate Soil Conditioner:
  1. Reduces the clay content and compaction in soils
  2. Builds healthy organic matter in soils
  3. Allows water to penetrate soils easier
  4. Increase in the lawn's soils capacity to retain water
  5. Reduction of water evaporation from soils
  6. Stimulates beneficial microbial activity in soils
  7. Increases grass seed germination percentage

Complex Benefits of Humate Soil Conditioner:

  1. Stabilizes soil conditions
  2. Fosters the transportation of microelements up to the grass and tree's roots
  3. Beneficial chelating effect on Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, and Copper
  4. Reduces the salinity in soil by sequestering Na+
  5. Stabilizes soil pH

What Are the Best Uses for Humate Soil Conditioner?

  • Apply humate to increase seed germination percentages in a top seeding package
  • Apply humate when a lawn has heavy clay soils
  • Always apply humate if a lawn is suffering from Necrotic Ring Spot fungus
  • Conider applying humate if a lawn is suffering from Ascochyta Leaf Blight or Dollar spot fungus
  • Apply humate if a lawn is heat or drought stressed
  • We strongly recommend applying humate when transplanting trees
  • Always apply multiple applications of humate if the soil in the lawn is “dead” and the soil is being reclaimed to a living soil
  • Apply humate if a homeowner is desiring the best lawn possible


Humate soil conditioner can be applied to a lawn any time of year.

We often apply humate to lawns the last week of May or first week of June (prior to the summer heat)

Any time when seeding a lawn
Any time a lawn has a disease
After aeration

Any time of year (when there isn’t snow on the ground)

If you want humate applied to your Boulder or Fort Collins area lawn please contact your local lawn care expert Organo-Lawn to schedule an application.

humate soil conditioner

Humate Soil Conditioner will help build organic matter in soils.

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