Sprinkler Services


Our sprinkler services are designed to help tune up your sprinkler system to make system water as efficiently as possible. When your sprinklers are working properly and the lawn is being watered deeply and infrequently the end result is your lawn is healthy and beautiful and you will develop a living soil. Improperly tuned sprinkler systems often cause "hot spots in lawns" and if the clock is not programmed properly then under and over watering will become a major issue which is the cause of lawn fungus problems like necrotic ring spot or ascochyta leaf blight.

Organo-Lawn is your local sprinkler expert. Call Organo-Lawn today to schedule your sprinkler system audit or sprinkler system blowout. Organo-Lawn of Boulder (303) 499-2000 or Organo-Lawn of Fort Collins (970) 225-9425.