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Organo-Lawn is a professional tree care service that uses environmentally friendly products and techniques to control insects on trees. Both of Organo-Lawn's Boulder and Fort Collins branches do not spray chemical pesticides into the air.

Organo-Lawn does not aerial spray insecticides, the good news is that we can cure 99%+ of tree insect problems without having to spray dangerous pesticides. We accomplish this via special tree insect controls that can be applied via soil drench or direct trunk injection.

We push for reducing pesticide usage and we believe that if we can cure or prevent an insect from attacking a tree simply by correcting improper lawn watering, we will recommend a sprinkler audit instead of a chemical application. You read that correctly, Organo-Lawn can often cure a tree's insect problem, by changing how the lawn is being watered.

Organo-Lawn’s approach to tree care is vastly different than most other local tree care companies. Our tree care experts are trained to identify the signs of insect pressure and make corrections to the soil and lawn watering to prevent future insect attacks.

    Professional Tree Care Service

    Organo-Lawn does not spray chemicals into tree because you never know what other living creatures might be living in the branches.

    Organo-Lawn's Approach to Controlling Insects on Trees

    Organo-Lawn’s approach to Boulder and Fort Collins tree care problems is a much more environmentally friendly and more successful for the tree in the long run, compared to how most local tree care services treat tree care problems. This is because Organo-Lawn understands that insect pressure is a symptom of a problem. Sometimes a tree is showing signs of insect pressure and we can stop future attacks by addressing the cause of the problem instead of only spraying chemicals to kill the insect.

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    Iron Chlorosis on Maple and Oak Trees

    When a maple or oak tree is suffering from iron chlorosis Organo-Lawn understands that there is a major problem with the soil. To correct the problem takes time, but we will recommend making changes to the lawn watering schedule, adding organic deep root tree fertilization to the maintenance schedule, and performing a Tree IV to start the tree functioning again. If all three of these tree care procedures are completed the chlorotic maple or oak tree will recover from this tree problem more than 90% of the time.

    Compare our tree care approach to other tree care companies approach when treating a chlorotic tree. Their approach is often to only do a Tree IV or to cut the tree down and plant a new tree.

    Lilac Borer on Ash Trees

    When an ash tree is suffering from Lilac Borer pressure we know that the ash tree is drought stressed. The Lilac Borer will only attack trees that are under drought conditions and our approach to fixing the problem is twofold. To kill and prevent the lilac borer from returning, we will fix the improper watering problem and then we will perform a tree trunk injection called TREE-age. With Organo-Lawn after we correct the lawn watering and kill the borer, all tree care treatments are done!

    Compare this to a chemical tree care company's approach to treating for the Lilac Borer. Their approach is to spray the tree trunk two or three times a year with a chemical called pyrethrin. Again, they will recommend tree trunk sprays as long as the tree is alive, but with Organo-Lawn the borer will not come back simply by correcting the lawn watering.

    Zimmerman Moth on Austrian Pines

    When an Austrian Pine is suffering from Zimmerman moth pressure it is actually a symptom that the lawn or drip system is over watering the tree. We know that Zimmerman moth will only attack Austrian pine trees that are living in excessively wet soils. Our approach to fixing the problem is twofold. First, we will fix the improper watering problem and we will also perform a tree trunk injection using TREE-age to kill the Zimmerman moth. After we correct the watering and kill the moth, all further tree care treatments will no longer be necessary!

    Compare this to a chemical tree care company's approach to Zimmerman moth insect control. Their approach is to spray the tree trunk two or three times a year with a chemical called pyrethrin. They will recommend annual tree trunk sprays as long as the tree is alive. Our approach will eliminate the need for any sprays.

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    Our Boulder and Fort Collins Tree Care Experts are Certified Arborists.

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    FAQ - Tree Care

    Does Organo-Lawn offer tree trimming?

    We do offer winter tree trimming services on trees that are 20 feet or smaller. We only offer this service from November - February. For any tree care services please call our offices to schedule a time for one of our tree care experts to evaluate your trees.

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