100% Organic Insect Control for Fruit Trees

Control aphids, spider mites, and other soft body insects organically.

Ecotrol Insect Treatment



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EcoTrol is a cutting edge organic tree care product and it is ORMI approved and environmentally safe, but most important, it works. We only use EcoTrol as a natural insecticide for fruit trees that are being attacked by aphids, spider mites, and certain other soft bodied insects. We recommend the use of EcoTrol on fruit trees instead of Orthene, Safari or Merit because they should not be treated using non-organic insecticides.

The EcoTrol application is an organic tree care application that works well in controlling mites, aphids and soft boddied insects. It allows the beneficial insects to return shortly after the application which also helps control the damaging insects. The initial control of the mites or aphids takes 2-5 days.

EcoTrol works so well because of its concentrated blend of plant essential oils that attack the octopamine neuroreceptors found only in certain invertebrates such as insects and spider mites. Octopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates movement, heart rate, behavior and metabolism. EcoTrol blocks these neuroreceptors and the result is knockdown and death.

EcoTrol is comprised of Rosemary Oil (10%), Peppermint Oil (2%), Other Ingredients (88%) including Wintergreen Oil, Vanillin, Lecithin, and Butyl Lactate.

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Bee Safe Tree Care - Boulder - Fort Collins

This Organo-Lawn technician is spraying an apple tree in Boulder, Colorado for aphids. Ecotrol is 100% organic and kills Mites and Aphids on contact.

EcoTrol's Environmental Benefits
  • Zero restricted entry level — people can enter the area as soon as the spray has dried.
  • Zero pre-harvest intervals, but always thoroughly wash your food before it is consumed.
  • Zero post-harvest intervals, but always thoroughly wash your food before it is consumed.
  • OMRI listed and USDA National Organic Program compliant.
  • Minimum-risk list natural pesticide.

EcoTrol Natural Insect Control Pricing

*Minimum Trip Charge of $85.00

Small Garden - $30
Medium Garden - $40
Large Garden - $50
Small Shrub - $10
Trees -5-10 ft tall - $25
Trees - 11-15 ft tall - $37.50
Trees - 16-20 ft tall - $49.50
Trees - 21-25 ft tall - $65

FAQ - Ecotrol

Is Ecotrol tree insect control safe for bees?

  • According to the label Ecotrol is non-toxic to honeybees. We typically use it on fruit trees or any other edible plant or shrub.