Tree Care Services for Boulder and Fort Collins Area

Quick Measurement Technique

To reduce product waste and to give you an accurate price for insect treatment for your tree, we require that you measure the diameter breast height (DBH) of the tree prior to our arrival. The easiest method to measure the tree DBH is by taking a ruler or a measuring tape and measure at chest level the diameter (width) of the tree.

More Accurate Measurement Technique

The more time consuming, but slightly more accurate method is to measure the circumference of the tree by measuring around the tree at chest level and divide by 3.14. This will give you the diameter. I.e.

  • Diameter Breast Height Calculation example: The tree has a 17” circumference take 17 / 3.14 =5.41” DBH. We always round up and this tree would be a 6” DBH tree.

Measuring a Multi-Stem or Clump Tree

To calculate a multi-stem tree you will measure each trunk of the tree and add them together. I.e. For a multi-stem tree with 3 trunks. Trunk 1 is 10". Trunk 2 is 7". and Trunk 3 is 8". Add together into one tree of 10 + 7 + 8 is 25” tree.

Tree Care Service Boulder

Patrick measures the Diameter Breast
Height of a tree in Fort Collins before he applies an
application of Merit.

FAQ - Diameter Breast Height Calculation

Which tree care applications do you need to provide the Diameter Breast Height of a tree?

  • We need the Diameter Breast Height measurements for the following tree care services: Merit, Orthene, Safari, Tree IV for Chlorosis and Tree-age.