Which Trees Need Insect Control in Colorado?

Use this chart to help figure out what trees need to be treated preventatively for insects and the trees they target. This is a guideline and not a rule for tree insect treatment. We recommend preventative maintenance for many tree species that are important to a landscape or any tree that has had insect pressure in the past.

Please keep in mind that trees that are actively growing and healthy tend to be less susceptible to insect pressure than slow growing or unhealthy trees. Deep Root Tree Fertilization is a great way to help a tree stay healthy and strong and therefore prevent insect infestations.

Click Here for a Printable Tree Insects and Symptoms Chart

Tree Insect Treatment - Boulder

Fall is a wonderful to treat trees for insect pressure in Boulder and Fort Collins.

FAQ - Tree Insect Treatment

Which Trees Need Treated For Insects?

  • This is a very difficult question to answer because each species of tree requires different care. This chart is a good resource for what insects damage different types of trees in Colorado.