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Organic Weed Control Options for the Boulder and Fort Collins Area:

100% Organic Weed Controls

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Natural Lawn Care for Colorado since 1997:

Organo-Lawn has been working with organic weed controls since 1997. The organic weed control technology has changed a lot over the last 20 years and chemical lawn care treatments are no longer necessary to achieve a weed-free lawn.

When Organo-Lawn first started using lawn weed controls we used corn gluten meal as an organic lawn weed control. Organo-Lawn still uses corn gluten meal in our pre-emergent lawn weed control called Synergy. In the year 2016 we applied over 100 tons of Synergy with corn gluten meal to lawns in and around the Boulder and Fort Collins area. Corn gluten meal is a very effective tool for combating weed problems in lawns, but only if it is applied in March, prior to weed seeds germinating.

In 2010 Organo-Lawn invented a 100% organic post emergent weed control called One Earth Weed Control. This was a huge achievement in the organic lawn care industry, because this was the first time weed killer for lawns could be used without also killing the grass. This discovery has revolutionized how fast a weed infested lawn can be turned into a beautiful lawn, without using any dangerous lawn chemicals.

Organo-Lawn can make any lawn beautiful, dark green, and virtually weed free without using any dangerous lawn chemicals. We have been helping homeowners have beautiful organic lawns in and around the Boulder and Fort Collins area for 20 years.

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FAQ - Weed Control

What is organic weed control?

  • Organic weed control means the products being applied to the lawns are free of chemicals and are derived from natural or edible ingredients like corn gluten meal, sugar beet molasses, etc. Organo-Lawn has organic weed control products like Synergy and One Earth Weed Killer that are organic and are considered to be non-toxic to people, pets and the environment.

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