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Post Emergent Crabgrass and Bindweed Killer

Drive XLR8 Kills Crabgrass and/or Bindweed; After Germination Without Killing the Desirable Grasses

Drive XLR8 for Crabgrass and Bindweed Killer is the only product that will post-emergently kill and control crabgrass and/or bindweed with only one application.

Crabgrass is an annual grass that germinates in lawns during the month of June and can be seen through early October. Crabgrass is most abundant on the edges of the lawn and often grows in clumps and in stressed areas of the lawn. Crabgrass will only grow if there is an opportunity to germinate in the lawn. A thick and dense lawn will never develop a crabgrass problem. To kill crabgrass in a lawn we use Drive XLR8, the crabgrass will die within 3-7 days after the Drive XLR8 application on your Boulder or Fort Collins area lawn.

Bindweed is a creeping weed that germinates in lawns in Boulder and Fort Collins from May through August. Bindweed has a very extensive root system and often is seen with white, pink, or yellow flowers. Bindweed can often take over a yard or native grass area and is not susceptible to weed control by the most broad-spectrum pesticides. It is important to treat for bindweed because bindweed seeds can remain viable in soils for up to 50 years. Bindweed tends to be found in drought stressed areas and can often be controlled long term with proper lawn watering and lawn mowing practices. If you have these weeds, we will only guarantee control in your Boulder or Fort Collins area lawn with the use of Drive XLR8 post-emergent crabgrass and how to kill bindweed in the grass.

Drive XLR8 weed killer is registered with the EPA by BASF, EPA reg. # 7969-272. This post-emergent crabgrass and bindweed killer is also registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.


For Controlling Bindweed: Varies from year to year but we typically get the best weed control on bindweed towards the end of May / early June or anytime that bindweed is up and actively growing.

For Controlling Crabgrass: Varies from year to year but we typically get the best crabgrass control towards the end of June / early July, because this is when crabgrass germinates. Young crabgrass is easier to control than mature crabgrass.


For Bindweed Control: Anytime that bindweed is actively growing. This can be as early as April to the end of September.

For Crabgrass Control: Anytime that crabgrass is actively growing. This can be as early as the middle of June to the middle of September.

Crabgrass Growing In a Lawn in Boulder

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Bindweed Growing in a Lawn in Fort Collins

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How Kill Bindweed in Grass

This Boulder area field is a infested with Bindweed

How to Kill Bindweed in Lawn

This is the same Boulder area field one week
after a treatment using Drive XLR8.

The sides were left untreated for demonstration purposes.

Caution: Drive is a synthetic pesticide containing quinclorac [PDF 20K] so If you are chemically sensitive or if this is a major concern for you we will be glad to work with you to develop an appropriate organic lawn care alternative for you and your lawn care needs. * Click on the PDF link above to download a quinclorac toxicology PDF file.

If you have any questions about what Drive XLR8 post-emergent crabgrass and bindweed killer can do for your lawn, call Organo-Lawn today at (303) 499-2000 in Boulder or (970) 225-9425 in Fort Collins!

FAQ - Drive XLR8

How does crabgrass spread?

  • Crabgrass is an annual grass that germinates from seed every year. It grows in clumps and you will begin to see the young crabgrass blades emerge from late June through August. Crabgrass typically grows only in areas of the lawn that are thin. The edges of lawns and lawns that are mowed short are more likely to have crabgrass problems than lawns that are mowed at three inches or taller. You can kill crabgrass in a lawn by using Drive XLR8.

When does bindweed start to grow?

  • Bindweed germinates from May through August. It is a very invasive weed and has an extensive root system, with seeds that can stay viable in the soil for up to 50 years.

How to kill bindweed in grass?

  • It is most prevalent in lawns that are near or next to open spaces, and can take over lawns if left untreated. We tend to see bindweed growing in lawns that are drought stressed and are not being watered deeply and infrequently. Bindweed can also grow in flower beds. We can get control of both grass areas and flower bed area areas using our Drive XLR8.

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